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Is September a good time for flying VFR in Florida?

Or do hurricanes come?

I want to do some hour-building there, but I'm not getting straight answers about the weather.

Someone told me 365 days/ year good flying weather, but how about all those storms they get?

Another guy at a school didn't get back to me with my weather questions.


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    You're not getting straight answers because its a broad question. The weather in Florida, like any place, is variable day to day. It is not going to storm the entire month...nor is it going to be clear the entire month. The threat for storms varies day by day...and the distribution of storms in the absence of any frontal systems or seemingly random and difficult to forecast. I would tell you this...

    The rainy season in Florida is really anytime between April-October. September can be especially rainy if any tropical systems threaten the area...and tropical systems do affect Florida every year. They may not always be hurricanes, but they would be convective enough to prevent you from being able to fly. But, that does not mean it will rain every day. You will have drier days when the threat for storms is minimal and you can fly with no problems. But, you'd probably have more opportunities for clear/dry days if you were to consider flying in the dry season, between November and March.

    PS...I should also add, during September, if there is no frontal system or tropical system in the area, most thunderstorm activity wouldn't develop until late even on days where it does rain, you could probably fly in the early morning without much trouble.

    Source(s): I'm a meteorologist
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