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Is September a good time for flying VFR in Florida?

Or do hurricanes come?

I want to do some hour-building there, but I'm not getting straight answers about the weather.

Someone told me 365 days/ year good flying weather, but how about all those storms they get?

Another guy at a school didn't get back to me with my weather questions.


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    Hurricanes are rare events here. However, September is near the height of the rainy season here. 3 day and 5 day forecasts are very accurate. It is difficult to say what the weather for flying VFR will be more than 10 days out; so that could be why you aren't finding answers.

    Typically, without a tropical storm or hurricane affecting the weather, we expect rain at least 22 days out of the 30 days in September. This rain is typically in the form of afternoon thunderstorms that pop up due to the heat of the day mixing with moisture and also sea breeze thunderstorms that can come from either the Gulf or the Atlantic. Most of the time, mornings are fairly clear for VFR. However, there are no guarantees.....we can have a few days of no rain at all, or off and on thunderstorms around the clock-it depends on multiple fronts and wind directions that can not be predicted until 10 days or 2 weeks out.

    I worked as a flight nurse years ago, we flew VFR. We could pretty much count on be grounded for short periods of each day during the rainy season....but it was very rare that we went an entire day without being able to fly. If you do come here in September, your best bet would be to schedule flying early in the day.

    Prolonged dry spells are not helpful either; droughts often lead to wildfires in the area, and the smoke and fog effects VFR. September is usually not a wildfire month, but I remember smoke in September twice over the last 12 years.

    Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are impossible to predict exactly this far out. Some years no tropical systems affect VFR in Orlando in September. Some years we can see one or two storms affect us, not always directly but the bands of showers can reach 100s of miles. September is near the height of hurricane season; so there is a chance that tropical weather could be around.

    I live near one of the flight paths to Orlando Executive Airport. It is very rare that flights stop for more than an hour. So, unless a tropical storm pops up, you'd likely get in at least some flying time while you are here; maybe not every day, but most days.

    Source(s): NSW Forecast Office Melbourne, FL (covers the Orlando area) National Weather Service Climate Summary September 2007
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    Hurricane season in the state of Florida is between June- November.

    It has been quiet in FL for the last couple of years. So I would say that you would be safe to Fly here. And if a hurricane is coming they will give notice so that you will be able to evacuate if necessary

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    June through November is hurricane season. You posted this question in Orlando section. Hurricanes don't often affect central florida as it is so inland although it can occur. No hurricanes have affected our state in the past couple years.

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    It depends because it is hurricane season there is a chance you will get rain so that could make it more difficuit for you. Try the link I have given you

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