Who marks/grades university/college assignments?

Tutor or Lecturer? I have two similar subjects for which the lecturer marked one assignment and the tutors marked the assignments on the other. I'm confused. I would have thought only tutors would seeing as there can be upwards of 200 people per class. What is the policy at your University or College? Who usually marks the assignments within business/politics departments?

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    at UK Universities HEFCE are quite clear on the rules

    For assignments scripts:

    your tutor marks as first marker

    then another member of staff in the same subject area marks as second marker.

    exam scripts are marked 'blind' i.e. we do not know who wrote what.

    The admin staff then collate all the assignments, exam scripts and a proportion are sent off to the external 3rd marker. That is a number of 1st get sent, high 2.1s etc

    this is done randomly, nothing is specifically chosen. The scripts are put in piles according to marks and an amount is chosen randomly from each pile.

    Then all the markers plus the course convenor meet up for a course mark meeting to ratify the marks

    Yes it can take for ages if there are alot of candidates. Why do you think academics are so frazzled at this point?

    Source(s): Primary, secondary and external for the last 10 years.
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    I was a graduate teaching assistant for both a basic biology course and a genetics course. I was in charge of grading all of the assignments for my approx 50-80 students. I simply graded and recorded everything and emailed the coordnater the spreadsheets a few times a semester... basically at 22 yo I was in charge of their grades.

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    A lecturer. But, he can ask for the tutor's assistance. No problem.

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    I teach at a smaller college, without the huge classes. (I think the limit is 45 students.) I grade my students' papers. All the professors grade their own.

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    assignent teacher.

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    usually the ta........teachers assistant

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