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what is the implication of increase in leukocytes?

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    Neutrophiles: intense physical stress, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, bacterial infection, burns, hemorrage, diabetes, cortison treatment;

    Eosinophiles: allergies, parasitic infections, self-immunity;

    Basophiles: self-immunity, Hodgkin's disease

    Lymphocytes: most infections, leukemiae, hyperthyroidism;

    Plasmacells in blood indicate multiple mieloma, mononucleosis, mumps, rubella or chickenpox;

    Monocytes: TBC, malaria, self-immunity, mieloid leukemia, lymphoma.

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    The WBC count is used to determine the presence of an infection or leukemia. It is also used to help monitor the body’s response to various treatments and to monitor bone marrow function.

    An elevated number of white blood cells is called leukocytosis. This can result from bacterial infections, inflammation, leukemia, trauma, intense exercise, or stress.

    A decreased WBC count is called leukopenia. It can result from many different situations, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or diseases of the immune system.

    Counts that continue to rise or fall to abnormal levels indicate that the condition is getting worse. Counts that return to normal indicate improvement.

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    infection or damage (in general) e.g > a bump; swelling follows & this simply increases blood flow to get more Leucocytes to that area

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    infection or inflammation

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