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What would the world be like if there hadn't been a holocaust?

Do you think there would have been less arayan features in the world? Jewish people would be seen all over the world? Any other ideas?


by arayan i mean blond hair blue eyes....

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  • zaT
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    1 decade ago
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    Antisemitism would have been more spread around the world and probably not thought of as something bad. You have to remember that antisemitism was a very common thing before WW2 not only in Germany but in the whole world. The holocaust pointed out how wrong it was and antisemitism turned from being a common thing to something that's not right. I'd like to argue that Jews wouldn't just be "seen all over the world" they would be hunted, disliked and discriminated against all over the world too.

    Israel would never have been formed and by that many conflicts in the area would never have happened. On the list of things there would most likely have been less hate for the wester societies (especially UK and US) by the Muslim countries. The Palestinians had been promised control over the area if they helped out in WW2 and then the western side turned around and gave the area away to the Jews. That's one root of many of the problems seen today.

    There are also several medical treatments that would never had seen the daylight if there had been no holocaust. The Nazis experimented on the prisoners in ways that no sane person/doctor would do. Among the results are a few that has helped people all over the world since. Better ways of healing broken bone is on the list.

    By "Aryan" you are actually meaning "Nordic Aryan" the kind of Aryan that the Nazis thought was superior. They thought that the Nordic Aryans came from Atlantis (yes, really) and that they formed the beginning of the Aryan race. The Aryan race included people with dark hair and dark eyes (Iranian, Indian) and so on, but they were still better than the Semitic race, the Jews. I don't think that there would have been more or less blond and blue eyed people. While the Nazis saw the "Nordic Aryan" as superior many or them were still "just" Aryan and they did breed. So, no more no less in my opinion. Not because of the Nazis anyways.


    In Asia Japan would still be an armed nation with a grudge to the Chinese. Most likely it would have been or there would still have been some sort of armed conflict between the two.


    Korea wouldn't have been divided. The cold war where also partly a cause of WW2. They divided many things between the allies and the Communists and that in its turn created frictions and problems. The Nazis were defeated the new enemies became east/west.

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  • 4 years ago

    LOL do you know what even Holocaust is ?? It was a planned elimination of an entire race which they very well succeed in. THE REASON BEHIND the unknown forgotten Hindu Holocaust would be cause there is no authentic proof of it happening. Would you believe in Mrs Wendy Doniger book the hindus an alternative history cause she is a well known historian too. And that book demeans the Hindu religion. Second the ancient era was more monarchic in nature and monarchs are expansionist. So I always ask this question WHY NOT ASK WHY A HINDU RULER KILLED HINDUS TO TAKE OVER ANOTHER HINDUS LAND. Best example ASHOKA . So the Muslims rulers were also the same as hindu rulers they killed for land and expansion not religion or race. Why do people forget the Mongols (They were not muslims) who did the same thing as Ahmed shah abdali. Third. According to you source then The biggest holocaust would bot be Hindu holocaust but Holocaust by Europe cause they manged to caputre the entire world killing millions even eliminating some tribes from the face of the planet. What about Alekander the great he was close to capturing the world must have killed millions why do we put a great in his name ?? Fourth How many Hindus there were to begin with ? and killed in what time frame and by whom ? Cause they might have the same religion but people feel and think differently. SADLY WE ALL KEEP CRYING HUE ABOUT PEOPLE DYING FROM THEIR RELIGION. Why do we not see a man, woman or child as a human being ? why do we have the need to divide ? What good does glorifying ones religion or culture get NOTHING BUT DIFFERENCES. A sad sad world we live in. Blinded by religion and no rational thought. We get nothing out of it only misery and only the rich and powerful who pull the strings get everything.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The world would be exactly the same.. holocaust/ethnic cleansing has been happening throughout centuries,, that is the way of life,,

    Secondly what is your meaning of aryan, there must be plenty of "pure" germans who had jewish ancestors..

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