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radiation(20marks) (in hurry)

why wear light coloured clothes in summer?but black colour can emit heat from our bodies quickly.

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    你係唔係想講個environment 都有30度左右



    而refer to definition of radiation

    1) all object radiate energy, whether they are hot or cold

    2) the hotter object radiate more energy

    3) If we are at a lower temperate than the object emmits radiation,

    4) we feel hotter when we absorb their radiation


    穿點有bad absorber原理既white shirt可以absorb少點radiation


    相反係night or room到

    著black shirt 就emmit多點radiation


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    Light colored clothes absorb less heat than black colored clothes. Therefore, wearing light colored clothes can prevent absorbing heat from outside. However, wearing black color clothes can help absorbing heat from our body.

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