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CE phy 2003 MC Q.8

A car accelerates at 3ms^-2 along a straight horizontal road. A child of 10 kg sits on a safety seat inside car. FInd the magnitude of the resultant force exerted by the safety seat on the child.

ANS: 104N

plz answer in details =] thx

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    When the car accelerates at 3ms^-2 ,the child acclerates at 3ms^-2 as well.The net force acting on the child in the horizontal direction is F=10x3=30.Also,the car exerted a force ,which is the normal reaction(100N),on the child.So the force exerted by the safety seat on the child should be the resultant force of the noraml reaction and the force F,i.e.√30^2+100^2=104N//

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