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    My name is XXX, and I was born in Taipei City. Ever since I was a kid I grew up in a warm family environment. Although my family has been through many hardships and difficulties when I was young, and even had to move numerous times, I still cherished time spent with family.

    I loved sports as a child; track and basketball were among my favorite ones. Other than going to school, my favorite pastime was playing basketball. I sometimes played computer games and watched the television as well.

    Since I did not grow up in a rich home, my goal in life was to give my parents a nice and leisurely life in the future, hoping that I could soon help carry the burden they shared.

    The process of me growing up was fairly easy and almost without obstacles except one: when I turned nineteen, my mother died of sickness. It was a huge setback for me, who had great bonds formed with both my parents; yet, this was also the turning point for me to really become an adult.

    Now, even though we no longer have a mother in the family, the ties between my father, sister, and me have not lessened but was strengthened even more. I trust we will all do well in our future, and it would be a comfort to our mother in heaven.

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