I live in Maryland I want to know if you can sue the police department.4 brutal actions on a person w/mental?

Can you sue the police department for brutal actions on a person with mental disorders.My boyfriend was arrested while going through a severe bipolar episode who also was going through a schitophrentic episode resulting from drinking alcohol.The police slamed him to the ground pounched him repeatively and kicked him till he was knocked out.I tried to tell them that he had a mental disorder they would not listen to me.Infact treated me poorly too.They arrested both of us.While I was crying hystericaly while they were beating my boyfriend and thought he was dead they arrested me too.Refused to tell me what I was being arrested for.When I got to the police station.I told one of the officers about what was going on and what they did to my boyfriend and they told me the arresting officer was charging me with assult.I told them I was going to sue all of them.Ofcourse they said I was going to have to talk to a commisioner.After a few hours I did not even have to talk to a commissoner


they dropped charges on me.But not my boyfriend.I did not recieve any paper work on this matter when they released me I don't even know the arresting officers name.But I know that I myself am bipolar and that I have lung diease and cancer.And they resfused to let me get my purse which had my medicine in it that helps me breath.I want to know if there's anything I can do in this situation.

I dont even know the details of my boyfriends physical problems.I found out they took him to the hospital first and then to police station central booking.And that he had extensive stiches and was still in pain and still bleeding from his injuries.I was unable to speak to him personaly.I only have a cell phone so he had called a friend of ours who relayed info to me.Can either one of us sue them.The whole time I was telling the officer that he had mental disorders he told me to shut up and he was taking me to jail too and he did not have to have a reason.

Update 2:

he did not resist arrest nor did i!

Update 3:

he was not drunk but drinking alcohol caused the other mental disorders to be set off.

Update 4:

they took him out of the police car and beat on him till he was knocked out!

Update 5:

Dont you also have to tell a person what you are being arrested for?

Update 6:

the police man repeatively told me that he could do anything he wanted because he was baltimore city police and he could arrest me for Quilt by association.Because I was there etc.

Update 7:

He was in an argument and left his house through the back door and pushed open the screen door hard as he left the house and a person was behind him he did not know they were there and the door swung back and hit the person on the door.With no real visiable marks but the door hit them and they called the police for that and stated my boyfriend hit them.But he didn't the door hit them.That person even explained it to the police officer in that matter.They charged him with assault too.Which doesn't sound like assault to me.

Update 8:

I think that his meds had stopped working properly and tried to explain to them he needs medical care not jail.I've never seen him ever lay his hands on anyone ever.I've known him since We were children.And at worst he's slammed doors and talks very loudly.

Update 9:

also lots of times says things that make no sense and delustional.We both are in our late 30's

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    Your boyfriend having a mental disorder does not give him the right to resist officers. If your boyfriend is being disruptive (whether or not its caused by his illness) the cops will have to use a reasonable amount of force to get him to cooperate and arrest him.

    What would you have suggested the cops do? Ask nicely to give himself up while he's having an episode and drunk???

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    You may be ablew to get the charges reduced or dropped. As far as suing the police, forget it.

    If they were arresting your friend, there must have been some reason. If he was resisting in any way, they are allowed to use whatever force is reasonable to get the person under control.

    If he is so severely mentally ill that he can have attacks triggered that lead to the police being called, perhaps he requires different treatment, like in-patient care for a while.

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    You should go see a public solicitor and tell him of all that happened and if you have any independent witnesses get them to tell of what happened ~~

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