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I installed a 750 MFD 70 hz electric motor in AC window unit, old one was 500MFD 60hz - what will happen?

The 220 window unit's old motor has the same specs as the new one (it was free) EXCEPT the old one was 500MFD 60 HZ; new one is 750MFD 70hz. It is an old Kenmore AC, 1983, but it works great, and would be a real pain to install another unit... GE motors.... It seems to run well on high speed, many hours so far... over time will the motor burn up??

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  • Thor
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    1 decade ago
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    The "750 MFD @ 70hz" and the "500 MFD @ 60 hz" are the maximum ratings of the capacitor and not the motor.

    MFD stands for Microfarads and is a rating of capacitance.

    If you didn't match the capacitor then the 500 mfd might be a little small. The capacitor could fail. But if it is starting fine then it is likely okay. That is the start capacitor to get it going.

    It might be too small if the motor gets older and has a little more trouble starting.

    If the fan capacitor is a separate capacitor you might consider getting a larger one. But I have seen many motors run fine on ones smaller and more is not a problem so the original may have been oversized anyway. And they only operate in the start.

    But sometimes they use a dual capacitor for the compressor and the fan, one with three or four connectors on it. Changing out, matching, those is more problematic and expensive.

    I would guess you are okay.

    Good Luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    please don't do that with your compressor though with the condenser fan you may get away with it. good luck!

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