a question for vegans?

im sorry this is my opinion please get mad if you want. WHY DONT YOU EAT DAIRY PRODUCTS like milk. Its not hurting the animal damm their just taking it out and not all the milk is done by machines and what not. and cheese. like give me your reason and it better be good bc im getting tired of these vegan vegitarian preachers!


you dont see me preaching to eat meat!! jeez

Update 2:

beside the lactose thing.

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    Because dairy contributes to environmental degredation and cruelty. Also milk contributes to unnecessary death and suffering. Just like humans cows only lactate a few months after birth. For cows to produce a constant supply of milk they must be continually artificially inseminated and give birth. Their babies are taken away from them soon after they are born. If they are male they will be trapped in veal crates, fed an anaemic diet and confined in darkness and eventually killed. If they are female they will go on to also be dairy cows (or more correctly milk machines). This separation causes distress to both mother and calf. Drinking milk supports the veal industry. Cows are also pumped with hormones and antibiotics to increase milk production. This often leads to mastitius, a painful infection of the udders. Constant milk production leaches calcium from cow's bones leaving them eventually lame or crippled. Milk is produced to nourish calves, not human. We are essentially stealing nutrients from baby animals.


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    Also, dairy production places massive environmental stresses on the planet. Each dairy cow produces 28,000L of waste water per cow per year (dairy shed effluent management guidelines Aust). This waste water comes from processing, runnoff, urine, yard and equipment washdown, plate cooling. It is a rather conservative estimate too, since it doesn't include the water required for feed or crop irrigation, or the water consumed by each head of cattle.

    Cows produce between 250 to 500L of methane per cow per day (journal of animal science). Methane is a green house gas that contributes to global warming. Methane is also 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide. (new york times)

    Dairy production requires waste lagoons for storing large volumes of untreated excrement and liquid waste. This waste has the potential to run off and pollute streams, ground water, soil, plants ect.

    If you don't want to hear our answers or already assume we are preaching then why are you posting?? And yes we do get preached at to eat meat all the time.

    Source(s): Dairy Shed Effluent Management Guidelines for Australia Journal of Animal Science B Environmental Engineering
  • Grumpy, grumpy.

    I'm sorry if you don't like the reasons we're giving you. But you ask, and we answer.

    Another reason I don't drink milk--besides the treatment of the animals and the direct link to the veal industry--is that I'm a human. I shouldn't be drinking cows' milk. I'm also an adult. I shouldn't be drinking milk from ANY mammal. I won't repeat what others have said; you don't need to be bashed over the head with the information. I'll just second what Orange and Apres Vous told you.

    And for more information on eggs, check out www.cok.net and click on their Egg Industry link. Hens kept for their eggs are the worst treated animals of all.

    And if you have FX, check out the most recent episode of "30 Days," featuring a hunter who lives with a vegan family. While some of them get a little preachy, the last 20 minutes will hopefully crystalize everything for you.

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    1. I'm allergic to dairy products. If I eat them, it means will end up having a hard time breathing.

    2. I really do not like the taste, I find cow's milk repulsive.

    3. And most importantly: actually it does hurt the animals. Have you ever been to a factory farm? Have you actually seen how "milk cows" are treated and how those machines can injury the cows? Are you aware that the veal industry is a direct result of the dairy industry?

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    Do some research -

    We are milking cows twice as much as they should.

    For humans to drink another species milk, they would have to be pregnant to produce it... Where do you think the calves go? They have no use in the dairy industry so they become veal calves who are anemic and live in wooden boxes their whole life. I don't want to be part of that.

    Cows are measured as the most stressed working animal because they are over-milked and the grief they go through when their baby is torn away from them at only 2 days old!

    The government gets too much money out of this cruel industry to tell us the truth.

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    I don't eat any animal meat or animal products because I'm very allergic to them, and I became very healthy when I became a vegan almost 15 years ago. And, it's really tiring for me to have to explain this so many times to people trying to feed me stuff that will make me sick. I'm not a vegetarian preacher, and I don't care what you eat, I just do what works for me and will keep me far, far away from a hospital.

  • This site explains the issues well:


    Most cows live on factory farms under conditions that cause them to suffer. They're milked by machines that cause cuts and injuries that wouldn't happen if people did the milking.

    Cows need to be pregnant in order to produce milk. Whenever a male calf is born to a dairy cow, that calf is turned into veal. (Male calves can't produce milk so they're worthless to the dairy industry.) Eating dairy products supports the veal industry, since the two industries are very connected.

    Also, it wouldn't be economically feasible for farms to keep caring for cows after they stopped producing so much milk. (It would cost too much to feed and care for the animals until their natural deaths.) So dairy cows are usually slaughtered at the age of four or five.

    I'm not trying to preach; I'm simply trying to answer your question. Hope this helps.

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    the cows used are forced to be pregnant forever, and while i've never been pregnant, ive been told and can imagine just how uncomfortable and painful it is.

    also, when the calves are born they are led away straight away and used as veal, so if you are supporting dairy products, you are also supporting veal.

    besides, you wouldnt still be drinking your mothers breastmilk at whatever age you are now, does it not seem slightly disgusting that you're drinking a cows??

    and next time you ask a question, think about your attitude because no-ones preaching to you, you asked the damn question!!

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    I don't do dairy because people were not meant to drink milk so it's unhealthy and it's directly linked to the veal industry.

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    In America probably what Orange said but in Australia, the daiy cows babies aren't used for veal. We specially breed certain breeds of cattle to maximise the flavour and the amount of meat that is gained in a short period. So maybe in Australia it would just be the machine milking thing, and besides just like a human once you have one baby, you can supply milk to that baby for as long is as needed.

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    Dairy and Egg production does hurt animals...you just aren't aware of it yet. You have probably never read about what really goes on in 90% of farms.

    OK you better get prepared because I'm gonna school you now...


    Female cows are artificially inseminated every year so that they will produce more milk. When the the calf is born it is shortly taken away from it's mother and either left to die of starvation or is killed. Sometimes, if the calf is female it is raised to become a milk-producer like her mother, if male, it may be sold to be raised and slaughtered as Veal.

    Dairy cows are hooked up to machines to gain maximum profit from their udders. Because the conditions they live in are so vile and the farmers are so eager for more money, they often inject them with hormones and antibiotics. These hormones do increase milk productivity, but they also increase dangerous udder infections, called Mastitis. When a cow with Mastitis is milked, not only her milk is pumped but also somatic cells (PUS) from the infection site. That's right, hun...milk is filled with pus. In fact, each glass, if you live in America, contains at least 200 million pus cells (and that's on the low side).

    When dairy cows are no longer producing milk (called a "spent" dairy cow) it is slaughtered for meat, usually ground beef which ends up in hamburgers or is fed directly back to cattle. Cannibalism is what it is. So you see, dairy ends in slaughter.


    Egg laying hens are usually kept in "battery cages." There are up to 10 hens per cage, where they live out there lives entirely. The cages are so small and crowded that they often can't even turn around or spread their feathers. Since they are confined in this manner, many of the chickens' claws grow around the wire mesh cages. Hen's have to live on top of other long-dead hens who rot, causing further disease.

    When they are babies, chicks toes are sliced, their wings clipped, and their beaks seared so that they cannot fight with other birds. The male chicks are usually suffocated in plastic bags and thrown out. Chicks are put through sorting machines where they are often severely injured or killed.

    Some are left dying on the floor of the farm for hours or days.

    When chickens are no longer productive egg-layers, they too are slaughtered for food or for feed for animals.

    Have you ever wondered where bird flu comes from and why it's such a threat? It's because birds are kept in filthy, cramped conditions.

    I hope you will do research on this because I already have. We are all responsible for this Earth, the animals, and overall health. But if you shirk responsibility to remain ignorant toward common farming practices, then you are not being a responsible, caring citizen.

    Below are some links that may shed some light on these practices. I hope you can take something from them.






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