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Anderson Silva v.s. James Irvin is going to headline the July 19th UFC card at light heavyweight.?

Whos going to win. How well do you expect Silva to do against bigger stronger competition?


what im biased since Silvas one of my fav. fighters. But he subbed Hendo who went 5 rounds with the champ. Hes beaten the best the UFC could throw at him at MW y shouldnt he move up if hell still defend his belt.

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    this is just a test to see if sliva can handle fighting at LHW. but i give silva credit, because really this is a lose/lose situation for him. if he beats irvin, people are gonna say that irvin is a puff, and of course silva should have won. on the other hand if he loses, people are gonna bad mouth him for trying to move up, and how he got beat by a mid-level fighter at a higher weight class, and it could really diminish his reputation as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.

    at the end of the day though its all about money i think. i'm sure that silva's competitive spirit has something to with it, but ufc knows that people are tired of watching silva destroy the MW division. if they can build upto fights with some of the top LHWs (liddell, shogun, wanderlei etc) those would be huge money fights, possibly some of the biggest ever in mma history. same reason there's been talks about penn vs. st. pierre and st. pierre vs silva. superfights make money!

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    i would love to see Silva get embarassed and KO'd within the first minute just for him feeling confident enough of thinking hes unbeatable at 185 and thinking hes going to be able to get belt at LHW, although i dont see him losing to Irvin, but him fightin in LHW is a joke, i dotn see him beatin anyone in the top 5

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