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Feminist type of man?

Feminist what type of guy do you usually date or go after?

Also if your husband made more money then you would you be upset or have negative feelings toward him?(You dont have the same type of job as him he just makes more)

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    My boyfriend makes less money than I do but I'd love it if he made more - why wouldn't I? How immature if I wouldn't want him to be rewarded for his hard work!

    My type of guy is fun; intelligent; educated (degrees NOT necessary); loves what he does (money is NOT important); honest; extroverted; sensual; mature; affectionate; independent; self-aware; assertive; responsible; and an effective negotiator.

    Edit: Also outdoorsy since I canoe/sea kayak/sail/camp/hike.

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    Personally...I tend to go for well read, intelligent, has to be able to hold his own in a debate, outdoors type, adventurous, isnt the "man of the hour" but is loyal to his friends and family.

    He doesnt have to be a self declared feminist......but he has to have the basic thoughts that men and women are equals. (I looked for a partner, not a "owner") if he give me any trouble over my jobs, or my independence we are done.

    ....I'm not super picky on body types, like and have dated several of them. Dont think sexual attraction is limited to one "type".

    I have had all the situations with my husband as far as money.

    I've made more then him.

    He has made more then me

    He has played SAHD while I worked

    I've done the SAHM mom while he made the money

    ......honestly, as long as the bills are getting paid. No issues at all. If a couple loves and cares about each other, whats it matter who makes more money then the other???

    Edit: what exactly was wrong with Rio's answer? It's an option, I suppose yall out in internet land know her better then herself?

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    I am a feminine woman and I only want a man that makes the money and protects his family. A man that brags that his wife makes more than him is a sissy . I want a real man and they are hard to find these days.

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    I don't have a type; I just go for whomever I happen to find attractive at the time. If he made more money, I'd be cool with it as long as he didn't expect to provide for me.

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    A man of quality is not intimidated by a woman of equality.

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