Is it a racist statement to say that blacks are better than whites at basketball?

I asked a question earlier about the Celtics being better than the Lakers because they have more black guys and the Lakers white guys are slow and not as good. I got accused of being a racist. My point is that blacks ARE better than whites and that's a fact.

Proof: The NBA is the most elite basketball league in the world, and look at the percentage of blacks to whites. Way more blacks, right?

My point is, everyone knows it, why is it so wrong to say it?

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    1 decade ago
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    I would say your statement is stereotyping...but I wouldnt say racist...

    Yeah the numbers would back up what you are saying in fact thats why Larry Bird wanted more of an effort to encourage white-americans to become involved in basketball cause there are not that many playing in the NBA....

    However the reason the people may find offense to that statement is they may think you are saying that whites on the whole cannot play basketball..(which are not true..I know white guys who got skillz)....and the other side is that ALL blacks can play basketball....(which I know tall blacks who never need to pick up a basketball)...I would like to think thats not what you are intending to say....but just realize the points of offense people may take when you make a statement like that.....

  • 1 decade ago seem to be caucasian, so I don't see what's the big were giving us black folks a compliment!


    Anyway, I don't think it's racist, because first of all, you were looking at a simple fact. The majority of players in the NBA do happen to be of African descent, and the biggest stars happen to be black players such as Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Dwayne Wade, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Chris Paul, etc. It's sort of dumb to call someone a racist for making a conclusion from their observations. Although I believe that blacks and whites are equally talented at basketball, I don't believe it would be wrong to say that blacks are better than whites. It just seems to be that way, and there's nothing wrong with using your surroundings, as long as you don't mean to actually point out to race.

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    No, because "racism" is a flawed concept that is not based on rationality. Isn't "racism" understood to be the hatred of another race? So saying that blacks excel at basketball is not hatred. Thereby it's not "racism".

    It is incorrect, though. Blacks only tend to be taller, that's why they more often excel at basketball. Let's not forget that the sport, along with all other sports, was invented by Whites.

    And to he above me -- WHAT!? People get called "racist" for stating a conclusion based on real-life observations all the time. I'd be called "racist" for stating that most crime per capita is committed by blacks; yet that's a statistical fact.

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    Only you know if your a Racist, if you are you will know you are. Are you? Or are you just observant? Stats just speak for themselves. Don't think about it to much, someone is always going to have something to say about what you say. Oh by the way the Celtics are not better because their whole bench is black( and no that is not racist, its observant) its because their cheaters.

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    I don't want to sound racist myself, but it seems like it, or than again the could just suck. I'm very upset with the Lakers, now. Pou Gasol, is a poor excuse. Now if there is a weak white man it's Pou Gasol.

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    I think it's a generalization. I don't really think its a racist statment, but if you are going to ask a question like that you should expect some people to call you out on it.

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    yes its racist, for some reason people think its OK for blacks to be racist towards whites. its not true that black people are better than white people. white people dont get enough chances. if a black person and a white person were of equal skills, trying out for a team, the black would be picked

    i use to love basketball i played for 9 years, then i gave up on it when the coach would only play the black kids who were bad and we lost every game. now i swim.

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    I don't want to sound racist, but I think African american's may be better than white people because lets see...up until the 1860's there was slavery, and then suddenley they are all free, but at that time they still lived a crappy life and everyone was still racist, even people in the north, they were against slavery - yes, but refused to work next to black people. So since slavery has ended this is why black people live in ghettos. face it there mostly black people. because they suddenley get thrown this free life and are still digging themselves out of how bad there life was through generations ago. So i'm sure the bored kids in the ghetto(or whatever you want to call it) started playing basketball.

    now lets face it white people havn't really been slaves, and got to live a better life because there ealier generations were never in that situation. African American's have almost got basketball as part of there culture because of there past. I think more black people play basketball than white people, too, because of that.

    and no i do not mean by this that every black person is from the ghetto. Thats not racist but that would be stertypical.

    Actual, it's more sterotipical than racist to say black people are better than white people at basketball.

    give me a thumbs down if you want, but thats my veiw.

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    racist for calling them black @zzh0le... somehow your right about the conclusion

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    1 decade ago

    No, but it's a stupid comment. Not all blacks are better then whites at basketball.

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