Does anyone know what the generic of an albuterol inhaler looks like?

I use to get an inhaler that was in a red tube. But, just recently they gave me a blue albuterol inhaler. Is this an automatic generic? It is made by armstrong pharmaceuticals. I would like to know because this one is a little pricey than I remember paying. Thank you!


**more pricey

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    There is no color coding of inhalers .... there are specific colors for brand name drugs .... but when you start getting into generic inhalers they use whatever color they choose ....

    For example ... Ventolin HFA is in a blue cannister and will be higher in cost than a generic Albuterol inhaler ...

    We use an inhaler by IVAX pharmaceutical (Albuterol) that has a red tube ....

    You can always ask your pharmacist if there is a cheaper generic alternative

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    Albuterol/Ventolin is usually in a blue dispenser (inhaler).

    Red puffers usually signify an anti-inflammatory medication.

    Blue puffers usually designate a "reliever" medication.

    I'd suggest you pull the cartridge out of the red inhaler case to verify what the medication is. Alternatively, check with your pharmacist. But it sounds like you are getting your Pulmicort (preventive) medication and Albuterol (reliever) medications mixed up.

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    Be sure that the ingredients are the same as the original one you used to get. You can call the pharmacy, or call a 24-hour pharmacy of another company, if you need to be certain. The generic our family members used, was white, but that does not mean there could not be a different container. Just read the little container within the plastic cover, and/or call the pharmacy.

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