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Grocery Panniers?

I am looking to get a new bicycle this summer and would like input on Panniers for Grocery Shopping. I am needing something insulated and weather resistant/proof (I live in Florida). I would be shopping for a Family so it must be able to hold a decent amount. Any ideas/suggestions would be great.


I am looking specifically for Bicycle Panniers and don't like the look of motorcycle bags.

As for a trailer - I already have one and I was mainly looking for the paniers as we do our LARGE shopping at a Warehouse Club, so this is more for the items that we run out of or for going to the local farmer's market.

I am a SAHM of 3 kids so we go through some thing quickly at times

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    I have an old white Blackburn pannier in my basement I'll sell you for $1 + $25 shipping. It is just a standard pannier. You can buy bags, or strap crates to it; or whatever. It think it looks cool when city girls have crates on the back of their bikes. It is just a nice condition white pannier I pulled off of a girl's bike I bought for parts. Blackburn racks are popular, and expensive. I believe about $40-$70 new. email me if you are interested. paypal, or money order.

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    Kudos to you for wanting to use a zero carbon footprint vehicle for your food shopping. I used to use a mountain bike with a rear rack (Blackburn) that held 2 pannier bags (bought from Performance bicycle). The most a mountain bike will hold is 4 pannier bags, two on the front and two on the rear. The best type of pannier bag is easily removable and you can bring it to the check out and have them put the groceries right into the bags.

    Another option you might want to check out - that might be easier and carry more is a cargo trailer. You should be able to find one online. These will hold more groceries than panniers and you pull the cargo trailer behind your bike. The advantage of this is that your are pulling the weight behind you, rather than having all the weight right over your wheels.

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    Try a motorcycle accessory store. I once has really light and solid saddlebags made out of fiberglass with rubber seals and locks that could be modified easily for a bike.

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