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will a 300 watt power supply power a 8800gts?

will a 300 watt power supply power a 8800gts??

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    Much of it depends on the amps on the 12v rail. I had an Antec 350watt PSU that supplyed 28amps on the 12v rail & was able to run my ATI X1800xt & it said it required a 450watt PSU. That being said I did end up upgrading to a 500watt PSU with 30amps on the 12v rail a couple weeks later just to be on the safe side. 300watts with?v on the rail, I think I would upgrade. Buy a good, decent PSU from a major brand.


    You can tell if its a good PSU by the weight of it. If its really light its no good. A good PSU has some decent weight to it.

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    Probably not. I use a 450 Watt and I was iffy with that.

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    u gan get a 8600 gt with that psu , i had one with three hundred w notwithstanding when I upgraded to a 8800gt i necessary a 550w which i have been given. i fairly advice u do a similar. the very actuality of upgrading ur ability provide could seem a scary interest nicely it did for me yet its really undemanding. an i have been given mine for 22 quid. they're all a similar length an u in basic terms prefer to screw it in position and in case you seem at the position the plugs went consisting of your older psu u can in basic terms keep in ideas the position they went, for me there have been only 4 plugs necessary to apply. The hardrive, motherbored, pics card if u prefer to reckoning on the pics card itself and the disk force, honeslt its fairly effortless. flow for a 8800 gt or above. i have been given mine for 89 quid

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    no. 400 watts would be stretching. 450 is really the minimum.

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    No. But to be sure you can check requirements

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