where can I find comprehensive Word list for GRE?

I have just a month to prepare, I need to get admitted to a particular course by fall and so have just a month to take the GRE. So i am looking for a site/book which has a list of words that I can learn in this limited time

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    his is what you should do to improve your score.

    1) There are lots of free online GRE practice Tests available. Take one of the test without any distractions and see how you score in Verbal and Quantitative.

    2) For the questions you have answered wrong, make sure you find out why you selected the wrong answer and find how to solve it right. If you happen to learn a new formula or words, make a note of it. you could use a separate notebook, one for verbal and one for Maths.

    3) In same time, spend at least 1 hour per day for GRE Vocabulary from Barron's GRE book. It has 50 Word Lists. Try to memorize 1 word list per week. So, every week you can read 50 to 100 new words.

    4) Week 1 read the first word list, Week 2 revise the first word list and then start learning the Second Word List. So, that you will not forget the words.

    5) Best way to remember new words is to form a sentence for each word.

    6) Next, take an GRE Practice Test again and see how much you score, and for mistakes you make, again evaluate what went wrong. In this way, you will learn new maths formulas and at same time your score will increase month by month.

    7) No need to worry that you are scoring less in GRE tests now, every student initially has the same problem. Spending atleast 1-2 hours per day for first 3 months from now will get you going. In 4-5 months time you will see huge difference in the score.

    8) So, the key to improve your GRE Scores and skills is to practice daily and if you select a wrong answer in your practice test, make sure you find the right answer and how to find the right answer.

    If you are planning to study Master's in Computer Science, any score above 1000 is enough to get admission into Universities in U.S. If you need scholarship with admission, you will need to score more than 1200 out of 1600 and 5.0+ in Analytical Writing.



    Use Barrons, Reaware Software, Big Book, Kaplan, ETS - Powerprep

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    there is no grasp record. The words used substitute from twelve months to twelve months, from examination to examination. a number of books grant lists of popular words on the GRE, yet lower back, the words substitute, so it could be conceivable to not see any of those words on the examination. in simple terms learn as lots vocabulary as you are able to. a brilliant form of SAT words land up on the GRE, too, and there are greater lists for SAT words available, so because it is a learn selection for you as properly. Many web pages grant loose digital mail centers of be conscious-a-day vocabulary practise; those may well be very powerful, and loose is often sturdy. you are able to verify the attempt prep web pages for those digital mail lists, yet in addition on line dictionaries' web pages, as properly. sturdy success with the examination.

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