what does is mean to guarantee a signature?

without the use of a notary.


i filled out a form and just below where i signed it had a box that said.....signature guaranteed or notary

Update 2:

signature guarantee or notary....

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    Signature guarantee is typically for transfer of investment securities and is done with a "medallion guarantee stamp" by an officer of a bank or a brokerage firm.

    A medallion guarantee is similar to a Notary Seal, except that it is on a stock certificate you are selling. The Guarantee is a verification that the signature is that of the owner and identification of the person was known. You can obtain a signature guarantee from a many banks, credit unions, or a broker dealer that participates in the Medallion program.

    You can call in advance to verify that your bank does participate. When you call, verify who does it, not all employees do. That way you'll be able to set up an appointment.

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    I'm not sure what you are asking, but when you guarantee a loan or agreement you are promising to pay in the event that the signor is unable\unwilling to.

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