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have you ever did sweet chin music on someone?

how did it go? did you knock them out?

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    Actually I have, but at the time I did it, it wasn't known as Sweet Chin Music. I was doing a copy of Chris Adams move called The Super Kick. At the time I was a huge fan of World Class Championship Wrestling out of Texas.

    Basically, me and some friends were doing some trampoline wrestling. One thing lead to another, I did the super kick (sweet chin music) hit the guy under his chin, he fell onto the trampoline and started crying. I just stood there, the guy who got kicked got of the trampoline went into the house. His older sister came out yelling and cussing at everyone there. My best friend and I left and went back across the street to a car dealership both of our dads worked at. That night around midnight I remember my Mom got a phone call about the situation, it ending up costing my family a few hundred dollars in medical bill costs. Turned out the guy had a broken jaw.

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    I believe that one of the vital primary motives individuals love Sweet Chin Music such a lot is on account that of Shawn Michaels. That's simplest normal regardless that. HBK is among the nice and such a lot widespread wrestlers of all time, so I believe that individuals liking his finisher is to be anticipated. Personally, I love Sweet Chin Music. I believe its one of the vital nice movements I've visible. While a giant facet of that's more often than not on account that Shawn Michaels is one among my favourite wrestlers, the transfer itself may be rather cool. It has a enormous sound, that big crack you pay attention at any time when it connects. It appears rather truly and explosive, and it most often comes out of nowhere. I do agree regardless that that if it wasn't Shawn's signature transfer, individuals more often than not would not adore it as so much. But I wager that in the event you ask individuals whose favourite wrestler is Stevie Richards, they could undoubtedly say that their favourite transfer is the Stevie Kick, and now not name it Sweet Chin Music. Booker T used the equal transfer in WWE, although it wasn't his finisher.

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    Yeah, we used to have our own little version of wrestling (abeit more real) in 9th grade where we'd all meet over a friends house, and I threw my opponent down and as he was popping up I went up and hit him with the Superkick. I think I hit him in the jaw, but the thrill of kicking another human being in the face is amazing... he didn't fall his head just popped back real quick, and he got up and we finished the match. He ended up winning w/the Camel Clutch.

    We had to stop our whole DWE (Detroit Wrestling Entertainment) thing because people kept getting too serious and really trying to hurt each other (closed-hand punches, moves with intention to injure, etc).

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    Tried and failed horribly well lets just say never try to kick someone taller and can reverse the kick

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ive tried it, but in the air not actually on someone

  • 1 decade ago

    I leveled my grandma with it once. She wouldn't bake me some chocolate chip cookies.

  • XENA
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    1 decade ago

    yes but it didnt go well cause im to short

    hince the username

  • 1 decade ago

    i tried it once on my brother. i missed and hit him in the cheeck.

    its really hard without bending your knee.

  • no, my knees can't stretch that long and plus I aint that very athletic.

  • 1 decade ago

    on a little kid he started to cry

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