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On Lego Indiana Jones, how do you get in the other holes. In the artifact room, Young Indy and how others?

I would like to know how to get the others on Lego Indiana Jones for Wii. Please keep it clean and child appropriate. Thank you,


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    for young Indy, collect all the artifact pieces in Raiders of the lost ark. for ancient city, collect all the artifact pieces in temple of doom, and for warehouse, collect all the artifact pieces in the last crusade. (artifact pieces are the chests) Then go to Indy's office and gather the boxes, place them in the center piece, build them into a box, break the box, pick up the key, and go to the artifact room, place the key in mechanism, turn key and it opens holes in ground. if you already collected the pieces, the stages should be open. (for Indy's office you will need the explosion, academic, glass-shatter, tiny-size, digging, high jump, and thuggee abilities)

    Source(s): prima official guide
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  • 1 decade ago

    You first need to get all the treasure chests from raiders of the lost ark the you go to indys office and complete the puzzle then grab te key and go back there and you will be able to go into the hole and play a chapter as young indy then you will unlock him

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