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Do you deny global warming.?

Is it a coincidence that the same people who deny global warming are the same genuises who also deny evolution.?

What does that tell you?


I believe global warming is caused by man. Burning fuel and pollution are to blame.

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    I accept and understand evolution.

    I also understand that "global warming" has been an average increase of ONE degree over the course of a CENTURY.

    And that MARS has also experienced a similar warming trend, based on our latest observations.

    Which suggests that, whatever might be going on, humanity's influence on it has been negligible.

  • Julie
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    4 years ago

    They don't ignore global warming, they ignore that the human-induced carbon-dioxide (CO2), should be the root of all evil in this case. The earth has always been warming up, and cooling down over and over again, in jurassic time-period fx, it was much warmer than it is today. Even in the medieval times we had a period looong period of warmer climate. In the 70's everyone feared global cooling, and the threat of a new ice-age, because the graph on global temperature had been going drastically downwards after a period where the temperature had been increasing. Furthermore the temperature has since the year 2000 been going downwards again. I just think we have to accept that these climate changes have always been going on, and will keep going on and on and on forever. People deny that CO2 is the greatest sinner of all time, because it simply is against the human logic, when you have a lot of knowledge. Most people just believe what they hear, when it's someone of high authority saying it, because they don't have any background knowledge at all, other than "it's a greenhouse gas". That said, I'm happy to see have this fuzz over us, so that the scientist and engineers will get on with the development in the field of alternative energy. Because nomatter the global warming, we're running out of oil and choal, which there's tons of bad things to say about other than the CO2 produced when burning it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I bet some will claim they rebuke Global Warming. "Get thee behind me, Greenhouse gasses!!!"

    But seriously, "Global Warming" became almost a purely political term some time ago. The real issue is and has been climate change, which can include any weather pattern changes such as rainfall patterns, increase OR decrease in the long term global or even regional temperatures. Any change could be very adverse with the population at the levels we have now. And it won't matter if it is caused by man or is a normal cycle. We need to predict and prepare or face mass death like has not been seen since the Bubonic Plague wiped out a huge chunk of humanity.

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    The problem is that will simply say that it's not getting warmer, because the other day was colder than it should have been for the time of the year.

    The term global warming is confusing, because in fact it no longer refers to the warm of the globe in the sense of things getting hotter and hotter (though some may like that idea!)

    It in fact refers to climate change which is more complex and hard for some people to grasp.

    And the climate is changing, so now people tend to use the name Climate change.

    Of course this is just another rose.

    But anyone who still claims that there is no evidence of climate change is not looking!

    This is because they don't want to see! and yes often people who don't want to see run and hide behind belief!

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  • 1 decade ago

    To deny evolution is to deny science and the facts that are before you ... this is ignorance or foolishness. To deny global warming is pretty much the same.

    However, you should consider this : In the mid 1970s, following some very cold / snowy winters, scientists and politicians were screaming about a new "ice-age" that was coming, possibly within our lifetimes.

    I studied climatology and geomorphology at university and learned that the world goes through fluctuating cycles of colder & warmer weather, often coinciding with the intensity of sunspot activity. These back-and-forth changes have been going-on for millions of years, sometimes turning jungles into ice-covered deserts or vice-versa. Even the glacial-ages have been on and off, with us presently in a "warming" inter-glacial period.

    Yes, humanity is causing some nasty problems, but when we realize what's happening we stop it and the world continues on the way she has ... forever changing and beautiful. I still reduce, re-use, and recycle, and I try not to waste electricity or water or fossil fuels, and I do what I can for forests all over the world - but focus attention on what needs to be (and can be) changed ... not arguing about whose fault it is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Okay but you tell me- if you believe in evolution and that 10,000 years is a MERE blink of an eye in geological time....... and there WAS an Ice Age,we know this- only about 12,000-10,000 years ago.

    Before that Ice Age- the earth was a lot warmer....

    WHO warmed up the Earth from THAT ICE AGE? Was it the pesky buffalo driving all their SUV's? Hey>

    Don't you read bout the fact that the SUN goes in cycles we don't yet UNDERSTAND? And that the scientists now know that our magnetic poles FLIP?

    We have NO clue what this does yet to the planet... only that it probably brings about catastrophic changes.

    There is NO doubt that todays generation is the most WASTEFUL one EVER. Honey, MY generation saved and reused everything. We didn't go round drinking bottled water, etc....

    We need to be savers not wasters. We need to NOT use our earth like a toilet.

    But we have NO clue that we are causing this warming right now.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm just wondering what you think is causing global warming


    then you are incorrect

    Man is partly to blame but he is not the sole factor

    It is a proven fact taht the earth was much warm in the past than it is today. The go thru cycles of hot and cold and all the causes are not know as of yet

    Man is certainly polluting the planet and man is contributing to the warming of the planet but man is not the only cause

  • delana
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    1 decade ago

    global warming is not caused by man, to say the earh has never changed would be ignorance . the earth has and always will change. there has been man before pollution and the earth still changed. take cities that are underwater, its because the earth has changed ,look at all the formations of land example ,grandcanyon.

    think of it this way if the earth stopped changing it would mean it was dying , if it keeps changing then its alive!

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't deny either, but I do know a few people that deny evolution, but recognize the problem with global warming.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I deny that global warming is man made. Weather patterns change on a cyclical basis. There was warming and cooling prior to mans existence.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is very typical. I tend to think evolution has tons of evidence but global warming being caused by man has very little if any actual evidence.

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