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Relying only on the Internet & the Media for political news...R these stories true about Jews on the Internet?

No jokes please..sincere

THE LIBERAL MEDIA | posted March 6, 2008 (March 24, 2008 issue)

(Some) Jews Against Obama


During the past few months a small group of neoconservative Jews, many of whom hold key positions in the world of official Jewish institutions, have been working to undermine the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama with a series of carefully planted character assassinations and deliberately misleading innuendo. I noticed this trend when Debra Feuer, a counsel for the American Jewish Committee, sent a confidential memo to her counterparts at other organizations criticizing Obama's views on the Middle East, Iran and Syria and attacking him for having once appeared at a fundraiser headlined by the late Edward Said. The memo, reported by the Forward, was immediately disowned, but not denied, by AJC executive director David Harris.

Also throwing his hatchet into the ring was Morton Klein, who heads up the Likud-loving Zionist Organization of America


March 18, 2008

Apparently Without Irony, Washington Post Says Jewish Advocates Demand that Obama Show 'Fealty to Israel'

The story continues: supporters of Israel are rising against Obama, there is a major push this week to destroy his candidacy. Today's Washington Post reports on a debate yesterday arranged by United Jewish Committees in D.C. among Jewish advocates for Hillary, Obama, and McCain. The debate became a rout, the Post columnist averred, in which the advocates for Hillary and McCain "used their time to raise doubts about Obama's fealty to Israel."

Fealty to Israel? They portrayed Obama as a dangerous leftwinger, and when the Illinois senator's surrogate defended Obama's statement that the U.S. does not have to cleave to Likud policies, Ann Lewis, Hillary's advocate, responded:

"The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.

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    If the Jews do not want Obama.. then I believe it could be true.. however, if the Jews want Obama.. then they will work whole heartily for him. Sad that one group could have so much influence in a free country.

    It will all depend on how much Obama.. or any other candidate will do for Israel. So far most presidents have given away the store to Israel.

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    This honestly sounds like a load of screed. The source doesn't even look like a credible publication, just an op-ed piece designed to make it look like there is some massive Jewish conspiracy against Obama. It should be obvious that this piece is not objective by the slanted language (e.g. "Likud-loving ", "Neoconservative") and first person pronouns being used by the author.

    I'd recommend getting your news from a more reliable source.

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