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GUYs answer ONLY pls.....?

What do u think of cheerleaders?

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    better athetetes than the players they are cheering for . high injury risk , true athletes who work very very hard . practices are longer than football , baseball etc , tinisest mistake , nobody to cover for you . other sports teammates can assist . i think it is a very great team skilled sport . thank you . why did you recive dissrespectful answers , to this question . well phrased , valid non insulting question . total dissrespect to woman , it has to stop . i have had 14 questions deleated over dissrespect to women . it is just pure male inferiority and bigotry . sorry for the rant . thank you

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    I never really "got" the whole "rah rah" team spirit thing, because even though I was ON the track team, the wrestling team, etc., I always found the whole "jock" mentality to be pretty tedious, and while the cheerleaders often really did seem focused on school spirit and all that, what many of them were really focused on was bagging a muscle boy.

    Otherwise, from the sheer standpoint of looks, cheerleaders are USUALLY the hottest looking girls in the school, and that's never bad... It's wonderful to see y'all running around wearing skimpy skirts and showing us all of your legs! :-)

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    Seriously. Get a life

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    I like them.

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    get a life

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    I love you.

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    Good as long as you are not slutty.

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