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who was robert owen of lanark? ( something to do with the industrila working conditions)?

who was he and why was he important ?

he had somehting to do with the industrail working conditions in 1872 - i think :S ?

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    Robert Owen owned textile mills, but he was also a humanitarian, so he treated his workers very well, even giving them a free elementary school education. He did this and still made a profit, much to the consternation of other textile mill owners of the time, who simply couldn't believe that workers could be treated much better, and the business owner still make a profit. This was in the 1830's.Despite the evidence right in front of their faces, they refused to believe it.

    Mr. Owen was also something of a Utopian. He bought a lot of acres in New Harmony, Indiana, where he tried to set up a utopian society. The members couldn't make his vision work, and it broke up as a Utopian community.

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