Are most veterinarians also vegetarians?

just curious...

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    No, I actually have yet to meet a single vet that is vegetarian. I'm sure there are some, but, any of the vets I've met eat meat.

    When you look at the big picture, just being vegetarian but still eating animal products doesn't make that much of a difference. Animals still die to provide things you need, for instance, drinking milk contributes to the death of male calves born to those cows. Eating eggs contributes to the death of male chicks when the chicks are hatched out to replace the hens. You pretty much have to go vegan to avoid directly causing the deaths. Even so, lots of small animals get killed by threshers when they mow down grain to make breads and cereals. So, eating anything contributes to the death of something.

    Veterinarians treat mainly carnivorous pets like dogs and cats. As long as people keep dogs and cats, there will need to be farms to raise meat.

    Most groups that are against raising animals for meat are also against keeping them for pets in the future. For instance, PETA is not against currently keeping rescued pets, but, ideally they want every pet spayed and neutered, not to prevent overpopulation, but to prevent the future of pets..

    This is PETA's stance

    "In a perfect world, animals would be free to live their lives to the fullest, raising their young and following their natural instincts in their native environments. Domesticated dogs and cats, however, cannot live “free” in our concrete jungles, so we are responsible for their care. People with the time, money, love, and patience to make a lifetime commitment to an animal can make an enormous difference by adopting an animal from a shelter or rescuing an animal from a perilous



    Pretty much, to be a veterinarian is to NOT agree with the animal rights movement including veganism and vegetarianism. Being vegan is pretty much anti-veterinarian because it's promoting a lifestyle free of pets. Veterinarians mostly treat pets, not wild animals. So, it'd be pretty stupid to go through college for 8 years for a profession and then promote the gradual extinction of your customers.

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    Hi its bizarre isnt it? But vets like most flesh eaters have been brainwashed since birth to view some animals as members of families and others to be food for human beings. People generally do not challenge orthodox mainstream thinking. There is also an element of it must be okay to devour the flesh of animals because everybody does it. But up until quite recently many people were racist, sexist homophobic etc. Just because lots of people think a certain way does not make it right. Just because most people eat animals doesn't make it right. Its inhumane barbaric and as Morrissey said killing and eating animals is like child abuse. It sounds extreme but animals are vulnerable just like children. They cannot fight back and we take advantage of that vulnerability.

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    There is not a direct correlation between those who practice animal medicine and eating vegetarian. At least, not in my experience working in animal hospitals.

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    Not realy you can be an animal lover and still eat meat.

    Some people are vegatairians because they dont like meat some think its creul to eat meat because it was once alive.

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  • Well, thats sounds somewhat awkward..but maybe some vets are...

    WHo knows?

  • 1 decade ago

    None that I know of around where I live.

  • i don't think so, mine certainly isn't

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