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can anyone list insurance companies off the top of their head that would do liability ins. for school?

it's a small healthcare school we are looking for liability insurance for ~200 students and ~25 instructors. The main reason is because sometimes students and instructors have to go to clinical sites. If you are an agent comment with company name and ~ quote to get any of my interest. And if you know insurance company that does this type of ins. let me know; thank you



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    Selective, and Cincinnati, both write in Illinois specializing in schools.

    I would need more info to supply a quote, how much property coverage, how much general liability, do you need commercial auto, what about work comp? Most insurance companies want the whole package and won't just write General Liability.

    e-mail me with the specifics and we can probably get you a quote

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    Quite a few do this, but it varies by state.

    You need an agent in YOUR STATE. Which you didn't mention.

    Utica and Zurich both have school programs . . . off the top of my head.

    **Oh, scooter is right, if you want a monoline gl policy, it's going to cost through the whazoo, and won't cover much. Standard carriers want the whole deal (but are generally willing to exclude the workers comp if you prefer).**

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