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What great new inventions will be created in the next 100 years?

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    I would tell you, but I need to secure some patents first. ;)

    No, but seriously... to answer that question (which on the surface is unanswerable), just think of the major outstanding needs we have.

    1. Energy. Any new invention that can provide cleaner or cheaper energy will certainly be a great invention. Cold fusion has always been the "holy grail" of energy research, but perhaps something else might solve the problem.

    2. Transportation. If something can get us around more efficiently and effectively than cars do, it would certainly change the world we live in. Also, anything that might make space travel more feasible would be nice.

    3. Information technology. Computers will continue to get smaller, and nanotechnology and quantum computing will open up a vast array of possibilities. Computers may ultimately cross the line into cybernetics... someday you may be able to crunch numbers, write papers, or surf the net just by thinking about it!

    4. Medical technology. Again, nanotech will open a lot of doors. Picture microscopic machines that can enter a cell and repair it from the inside, or select and destroy cancer cells or viruses. Any invention that cures disease would be a "great" invention. Also, I'm sure we will have a more advanced understanding of genetics in 100 years, and our ability to understand and manipulate the human brain might also take some quantum leaps... for better or for worse.

    5. Food/water production. Famine is always an issue and will continue to be. Find a way to meet the world's food and water needs, and you'll get your Nobel Prize for sure!

    6. Entertainment. Media has really grown just in the past 10 years, with music players getting smaller and tv screens getting flatter with higher definition. Holographic displays may become a possibility in the reasonably-near future. Also, interfaces like Nintendo Wii have a tremendous amount of room to grow... just the Wii itself has a lot of possibilities that have yet to be tapped. You could use it to train people to do their job, or to teach people martial arts or a musical instrument or how to dance... it will never replace the real thing, but it can be a cheap and fun alternative that may become more practical as the technology improves.

    7. Materials science. Things like steel and concrete could become a thing of the past as polymers and ceramics become more easily produced. Materials may become lighter and stronger, allowing for new innovations in architecture and civil engineering, as well as everyday items like clothing and vehicles. If you could reduce a car's weight by 50% without sacrificing safety or performance, think of the impact on gas mileage!

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    Inventions 100 Years Ago

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    With the technological curve sweeping upward so rapidly, 100 years from now may make us in 2008 look like 1608 does to us now! Nanotechnology and advances in materials will play a large part, as, of course, advances in computers and medicine. Overpopulation will be a down side, partly because lifespans will be reaching the 100 year average. Do not be ashamed to not start a family, for single people can accomplish more with less of a 'footprint'. Best wishes for the future of honest people the world over.

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    If that were possible to know, I'd be inventing them as I speak. But I dont have a crystal ball. I grew up in the 50s and 60s.No one ever considered home computers. Of course I still don't have one, they're too annoying. When I went to college in 1968 the University of Florida had a big modern building with an IBM 360 surrounded by acolytes wearing white coats. Now I turn on nearly a dozen computers every morning, each considerably more advanced. Strange. No one ever expected calculators. No one ever expected cell phones. Everyone expected supersonic airlines, flying cars and Martian colonies. I expected 3DTV but videogames showed up instead. And no one expected that the Japanese could build a car. We honestly believed that only Americans could build cars.

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    This device would most certainly not be the greatest, but definetly one of the most fascinating and dangerous inventions. I'm not going into much detail due to the fact that it has yet to be uninvented, and my patent was not completed yet. *Human powered device. So far it works like this, turbine powered by blood flow turns small alternator/generator. Creates electricity that can run wiretaps, recording(video and sound) devices, or tracking devices. Current size is that of a square chicken nugget. Unfortunatly a little large to fit in a person.

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    Have you looked into what was created in the last 100 years? No one could've guessed half this stuff in with their imagination working overtime.

    I could make some outlandish guesses, but they probably wouldn't be half as interesting as a lot of the stuff that actually does get invented.

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    Cars will safely drive passengers to thier destination by themselves. Already all the elements are in place for this. Some new cars have sensors on the front to prevent collisions. GPS tells you when to make a turn, its only a simple matter of setting it up so the car just makes the turn instead of telling you to do it.

    Robots will be able to walk around like people and perform intelligent tasks, like grocery shopping. Again, the elements for this are either in place, or getting there quickly, so it will happen.

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    Its very hard to predict. Take electricity major development started in the late 1800's. Look to what it had developed to in just over 100yrs. Electric power, radio, TV, telephone, computers , internet , sat communication ,GPS etc. The next break thru' will be the understanding particle physics as of the result of work @ Cern. Detection of gravity waves which may lead to humans to manipulate gravity.

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    Hard question to answer. But here you are with some things that are almost at our hand's reaching:

    - Quantum computers

    - Digital reusable paper

    - Teleportation of molecules

    - Genetic manipulation to create superathletes and treatment of muscular dystrophya

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    A machine that will enable people to predict what inventions will be created. Expect it by the year 2080.

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