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Body shots or head hunting?

I know that good body work can take the air out of someone, but I tend not to use it much unless someone is really protective of their face. It just seems like a body shot is less useful than a headshot, you know? Anyway I get a lot of criticism for being a "head-hunter", and was wondering how much you should work the body in relation to head shots.

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    as an ex pro boxer and qualified kick boxing instructor i would recommend using any shot that is available head or body if both are open i would take the body every time, the head is a constant moving target or should be the body is a more stable and vulnerable target and this would bring the guard down anyway .Alot of head shots are jabs, body shots are hooks or uppercuts to the ribs, which in my opinion will have more affect as the fight goes on regardless of fitness level.The fitter your opponent is the more this is necessary but this is only my opinion every fighter has his own preferences

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    I think there is nothing wrong with being a head hunter, and in relation to body shots you should obviously take which ever shot is most open to you unless it jepordises yourself. I've found that unfit people will take body shots very hard and the fitter the opponent the less toll it usually takes, hitting below upwards into the ribs is usually a good place but in relation to head shots aim for heavy-power in the body and short sharper punches to the head, so next time think about how fast your punch is or how powerful and let that help you decide the amount of head and body shots you should take.

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    Depends on the opponent. If your opponent is tall and skinny, go for the body. They usually have a sensitive torso, as they have less muscle mass protecting their lungs, ribs, and vital organs. Also, it is easier to hit a guy that is taller than you in the body, as his torso and chest area is probably more within your range than his head. You should hit short, stocky opponents in the head, but still, always try and mix it up, get whatever you can in, every little bit helps, just make sure you dont leave yourself open in the proccess. Do what is safest and makes the most sense. I used to think body shots were useless, I never really thought they did anything to people unless they were really skinny, but I've never been hit in the body so I wouldn't really know.

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    This depends on your personal style.

    Ali (pure boxer) was a head hunter. Foreman would take out the body. (Fighter).

    Ideally, you should do both. The thing is, a boxer's jab is more effective at the face, whereas the other punches work well for the body. So, pure boxers are usually more likely to work the head.

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    Headhunting if you get it right the opponent gets owned. I know when I spar when I start getting into headshots after the third one I owned the guy and I start playing target practice. With the body I had taken the wind out of a few. I preferred headshots myself and it is more fun when I knew some blood was drawn.

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    Depends on the size of your opponent, and how it affects them.

    you dont want to be over-reaching yourself too much.

    head it good, because you get added benefits of disorientating, but if you get the bodyshots just right, they can work really well in taking air, and lowering the facial defense

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    as a proffesional boxer my self, there should always be a lot of combination and in the process you will see the effect to ur opponent.

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