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how many people loved the obama speech on fathers day about absent fathers?


those are his views everyone in politics has a speech writer!

Update 2:

masseur you missed the whole point of the speech he was saying to absent fathers get involved with your kids!

Update 3:

chuch i guess it is better to be an empty suit then a flip flopper like mccain!

Update 4:

bill i did not see that i thought it was very good

Update 5:

darow he did that because he wanted too! He was making a point that in the black community it is happening at a higher rate.

Update 6:

john that may be true but you never know until he is president

Update 7:

tweety bill cosby was given kudos for saying that! that is not the first time obama has said that either!

Update 8:

spike no one thinks that except for the obama bashers!

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    Um, no. The person that wrote the speech may have done a good job, but Obama just read it.

  • Anonymous
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    spike is correct... Bill Cosby was kicked out of the black race for saying the same thing Obama said.

    But why is Obama allowed to speak in a church anyway? If a Republican does that, the ACLU is right there demanding that the church be stripped of its tax-exempt status for violating the "separation of church and state". Where's the outrage from the ACLU on this?

    Obama's speech as B.S. anyway... he's promising to use OUR money to pay father's who are too damn lazy to take care of their own kids

  • Anonymous
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    very short sighted, no where in the speech was the question of why they were absent addressed... was it because fathers weren't making enough money to support or help out properly so they distance themselves, or is it because a lot of these fathers were in jail and prison, or other such reasons... all I saw was that Obama looked at some statistics didn't look deeper and spewed off a speach without looking further at the matter... sure hope he puts more thought into other things

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    funny, when bill cosby said it years ago, he was called an 'uncle tom' and the 'tool of the white man'

    of course, the obamarrhoids think obama came up with the concept on his own

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    I didn't watch family and I had plans and they kept me busy with the beach, movies, eating and cruising all day and night!!! Obama's speeches seem so impersonal doesn't seem like it is him talking, not sincere enough...maybe he reads the teleprompter too much...!!!

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    It was a little biased, referring only to black males,trust me there are absentee and dead beat dads in every race.

  • John W
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    1 decade ago

    Not me. But then I don't like it when he opens his mouth anyway. He's a typical politician. He talks about change but he's the same old same old.

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    I didn't.

    I wouldn't vote for that empty suit if he was the only one running.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It was something.

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