How do I fix the following problem on my computer:?

The bios on the computer does not display, and after a minute windows loads with no taskbar and no desktop icons. All I see is the wallpaper. I can right click and open the task manager. And from there run some programs. Although the programs run according to the task manager, I cannot see the program. For example, I can play a music file and hear the music but cannot see the media player.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    wow, that is a heck of a problem.

    I can't imagine why BIOS wouldn't be displayed.

    the other problem must be in windows. It sounds to me like a virus or something wiped out a very important section of your OS.

    I WOULD suggest you reinstall windows, but your bios problem would indicate to me that you need a new motherboard.

  • 1 decade ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Put your windows cd in cd drive and then choose boot from choose the drive in which you have installed your operating system and press r to will repair the os.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think ur computer is running in a safe mode. Restart ur computer press delete button continously at time of booting & from here select the normal running options instead of safe mode...

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  • 4 years ago

    Sounds love to me your method perhaps choking on a few code within the running method. You perhaps ready to fix it by means of first shutting down your method by way of Windows after which restarting it. Then a well blank-up of your rough force is also so as. Sometimes your laptop gets stuffed with gunk, (transitority web documents, too many matters to your prefetch documents, ect) that ought to be wiped clean out, additionally you can also now not have ran a plague experiment, and you could have a few spy ware or another malicious program. I will advisor you in potentially repairing thins concern. I want you to comply with my recommendations to the letter on the grounds that you'll be going into your dossier method to your laptop. I will deliver you a few symbols so they can imply instructions to deliver on your laptop. >>=Click one million. >>begin>>manipulate panel>>web choices,(below shopping historical past>>settings,(a grey pop up field will look)>>view documents button,(your transitority web documents will look)>>edit,(a drop down menu will look)>>opt for all,(your whole transitority web documents will probably be highlighted)>>dossier,(an additional drop down menu will look)>>delete and near out and go back on your computing device. two. >>begin>>run, variety prefetch within the field so they can look and >>adequate,(your prefetch documents will look)>>edit,(a drop down guys will look)>>opt for all,(your whole prefetch documents will probably be highlighted)>>dossier,(a drop down menu will look)>>delete and go back on your computing device. three.>>recycle bin,(the entire deleted documents out of your prefetch documents will look)>>edit,(a drop down menu will look)>>opt for all>>dossier,(a drop down menu will look)>>delete or empty recycle bin, probably the most 2 relying for your procedures configuration, and go back on your computing device. four. >>begin>>manipulate panel>>administrative equipment>>laptop leadership,(there will probably be a + signal subsequent to occasion viewer)>> that + signal>>to the primary dossier for your occasion viewer>>movement,(a drop down menu will look)>>transparent all parties,(a pop up field will look)>>no to the query and repeat this method on each one in every of your occasion viewer documents. five. >>disk defragmentor>>defragment and enable it to do its paintings. After it has accomplished its paintings then near out of the whole thing and return on your computing device. 6. >>begin>>run, variety in cmd within the field and>>adequate,(a black field will look) subsequent to wherein it says your files and settings variety in chkdsk /r (it is going to ask you when you desire to run this application on begin up, variety the letter Y and press your input key for your keyboard and near out and go back on your computing device. You will ought to reboot your laptop. When this occurs you'll get a blue display so they can include the chkdsk application. You have to enable it to do its paintings and don't contact your laptop at the same time it's walking or you'll harm your dossier method. After it has performed its paintings it is going to fix any documents and directories it has detected to be corrupt or have lacking dossier know-how and it is going to mechanically restart your laptop after it's performed, simply stay up for your log in display to look and log again into your method. 7. Run your whole anti-virus,spy ware, and spy ware systems you've gotten preloaded for your laptop and reboot your laptop a further time. If you continue to have this mistake message then you could have a hardware hassle and might ought to substitute the offending hardware at a laptop fix facility. I desire this helped.,

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