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    Most of us prepare, deliver and share confidential information with

    our various counterparts in Divisions, Functions, Countries/Legal

    Entities, BT Group and Corporate on a daily basis. While there

    should be no problem with the planned and usual flow of information

    to well known receivers within Bombardier, there are a few

    situations which require just a little more attention.

    First: Contacts

    We have to be extremely careful in cases when we are contacted

    for ad hoc financial or product information by unknown persons

    from inside or outside of the company. The general rule is that we

    do not provide any information to persons whose identity is not

    100% clear or whose request is out of the normal scope. In cases

    of such requests – by unknown people from within or outside the

    company or requests of an atypical nature – you always have to

    get clarification of identity of the requestor and legitimacy of the

    request before informing your manager. Tell the person you need

    to obtain clearance and will get back to them shortly.

    Second: Information disclosure

    If you are unsure about what you can voluntarily disclose or show

    to third parties, e.g. at a conference or a meeting with a business

    partner, your first reflex should be to talk to a more senior colleague,

    your manager or a representative of the Communications



    • BT’s Communications and Disclosure Policy and Procedure

    states that all materials intended for public presentation,

    distribution or display must be reviewed by Group


    • 3rd parties like vendors or partners should sign Non

    Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before receiving any

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