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我家是獨棟的房子,大概走了 5分鐘 就有一個公園,走了3分鐘 就有一間學校,所以要走到公園跟學校散步還蠻方便的。


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    Have no, my high school of time have no of association heel extracurricular activity, because I am a night school to get.

    I like to eat the hot and eat hot thing to just feel flavor, don't add hot eat to feel the thing relatively has no flavor.

    I like to eat foreign country cuisine and is like Japanese cuisine, particularly is sashimi.

    I feel own living ill-health, Monday in each week goes to all wants to catch up a class on Friday and want to have a class on Saturday day, so all have no time exercise, too long have never exercised body ill-health.

    My house is only the house of , probably walked to have a park for 5 minutes, walked to have a school for 3 minutes, so wants to walk to take a walk with school to park still pretty convenient.

    I will hope that I can pass examination in the future Gao Pu3 Kao3, have a fixed work, don't need to fear, either old is laid off


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