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Americans, whats more important to you Isreal or the United States?

America is needlessly putting its neck on the line for Isreal with nothing to gain. We know where the zionist stand on the issue, and also AIPAC, but where do the rest of Americans stand on the issue? Are we going to sit and let the Zionist run this country at for their gain and at our cost?

There is only on thing to ask, whats more important to the rest of us Americans, the welfare of America or Isreal?

If we abandon Isreal we abandon with it all terrorist and Middle Eastern problems.

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    The United States is far more important.

    That is our country, our country is not Israel.

    We need to stop picking who is on our side and who is not over there and creating more trouble.

    What we need to do as Americans is to fix all the problems in our nation first before we can think of helping anyone.

    Being the world's police force is the most ridiculous concept of our country and that is a fact.

    If we used our troops within the united states we can for one thing really secure all of our borders and protect ourselves at a greater margin. There wouldn't be a need to waste high tax dollars to build fences and what not.

    Not only doing what we do makes the world unfavorable to our American people, but it creates a stigma to everyone that we are super superior to them when in fact, we can't be till our own things/problems are completely fixed.

    So, bottom line, United States, needs to stop doing this, we need to stop the funding and supporting. Us stopping this support, might actually mean we can live better. Less problems for us that is for sure.

    Need to boot all these foreign lobbyists out thats what I think.

    They are the reason for all the drama we face.

    If you lobby for another country inside America, you really should not be here but over there. Seriously. Cuz this is America and it is suppose to be a SOLE nation, not a nation for your nation.

    Our troops do not need to shed their blood for your nation.

    Veitnam, Korea, etc, and now Israel, what the hell, really what the hell. I fight to defend this nation and only this nation when it is under attack. Not to fight someone else's wars or Someones elses views, that is not me.

    Americans need to stand up and tell people that support other nations inside United States to might as well move to that other nation they support.

    Its one thing to be an American and have amazing variety of ethnic cultures and traditions to flow in the united states to make us enjoy other people's foods, values, cultures,"I love enjoying things from other cultures" but its is another thing if those people that are American just want to fund another country and advocate for another country overseas with most people that oppose, their tax dollars, truly putting America at risk to many things. Screw that, really screw that. It really sucks that some Americans of Jewish origin would call me an anti semite for saying we should not help Israel but just the United States. I am not racist to no one, I just want what I truly think is the best interest of the American people and the UNITED STATES ALONE. United States consist of many different races, cultures, religions and that is a great thing.

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    I have the greatest respect for Isreal, but just because we are on their side, doesn't give them the right to do what they want. They should be talking with the other Eastern nations, not acting so high and mighty. I'm not saying the nations in the Middle East are perfect, but we should be focusing on obtaining peace there, not starting more wars. And America, well, comment there. Peace!

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    I dont care much about Isreal, just a desolate piece of land not worth fighting for. I love America though, that answer you question?

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    After the Iraq war and 9/11 the Americans are starting to question the Israeli lobby connection.

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  • My sister is married to American and her husband said that their are more and more Americans now who are getting really fed up with the Jewish Lobby and they feel that Americans have been harmed more than enough because of their government's support of Israel's illegal occupation of the land of the Palestinians is one of the many reasons they dislike the Jewish Lobby. I believe that most here who answered your question are Israelis

    Jews are certainly not God's chosen people in the sense that is being used today and God does not promise a land on the basis of stealing and killing.

    Judaism was the first Abrahamic religion and they were chosen to deliver God's message and Judaism at a time when people did not believe in God they were chosen to fulfill a duty of spreading the message they were not chosen in the sense to behave like complete lunatics. God certainly did not choose them to brutally murder and steal the land of the Palestinians. If God gave them the land as they claim, this land would have been empty but fact is this land is inhabitated by Arabs. Hitler probably also thought that Arayans were God's chosen people. Caliing themselves God's chosen people was invented by them to justify their superiority complex

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    ISRAEL is our best ally in the war on terror and they have the BEST ARMY because we FINANCED IT of course. But then again there are probably many intricate factors that i am not at all privy to that make it all worth it I guess!!!!!!!!!!!! SMIRK i am not an expert on the issue I should have been more interested but guys like ME with ADD kind of let that stuff bounce off them sad to say but it is nevertheless true.

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    I have to tell you im getting married to a man in the army, leaving for his third tour, and I hate them over there just as much as anybody... so I am all for backing out and bringing everyone home.. they were fine before we got there, they will be fine without us

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    I feel that it is more important to build our own country than to keep sticking up for a bunch of piss-ant kikes who do nothing but pick fights and cause trouble.

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    dah Israel why would America care about America or the Americans no can you ask such a question.

    I am ill so at the moment I'm only giving short answers

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    I am not against Israel, but I am tired of the US bending over backwards for Israel, regardless of the sacrifices America has to make for it.

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