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What do you do wrong to cause clothes to shrink in the wash?

What is the best way to shrink clothes on purpose? What do you do that causes certain clothes to shrink? Use hot water? Use too high heat on the dryer?

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    Both Hot Hot water (which can lead to loss of color too) and the highest setting on a dryer. You might have to do this a couple times to get the look you want but be careful not to overdo it because then you will be SOL...try a small sample piece first then go from there. Trial and error!

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    I have ruined many of my girlfriends clothes by following directions. Just because something is white, doesnt mean it goes in hots. Heat shrinks. Normal clothes should be dried on permanent press or even delicates. Heavy cotton like towels and socks should be the only material in normal(hot) cycle.

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    I have been told but never tried it that you can shock cotton to its smallest size by washing it on the hottest cycle and then take it out during that and dunking in COLD COLD water. Thats what Ive heard after spending many years in retail, I know it will shrink it for sure but i dont know if this method is any better than any others.

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    doesn`t really matter cause there gonna shrink anyways

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