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Why are male condoms readily available, but females have to go thru changes for their devices?

I am so frustrated.Walgreens and Jewel Osco only sells male condoms.I want to protect myself. I live in a black area and its like they're sending the message that black women don't want to protect themselves.This is why STDs and unwanted children are so high among the black race, because they don't offer the tools for us to work with.I even told the managers that this is unfair.I have to go to a clinic to get a simple female condom?Thats sexist.Male devices are readily available, but females have to go thru obstacles to get them?Thats so sick and unfair.Females should have devices readily available at gas stations,Walgreens,and drug stores like males.Even the clinic said Walgreens usually has them.Do I have to go to an integrated area Walgreens or drug store to get female contraceptives? That is so unfair.Black areas should have the same access to protection.I want to protect myself in case I get tempted before marriage.Its sending a bad message for devices not to be sold in black area

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    contact a woman's rights or feminist organization in your area. They should help you out! Spread the word, and perhaps you will be able to help other women too. good luck!

    and yes, I think it's sexist too.

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    you can protect yourself by not having sex at all. but if you must have sex have your partner wear one its that simple, the main reason why female condoms are not available everywhere is because there is not a lot of demand for them and the stores loose money when they don't sell them so i don't think they do it because they are sexist they are simple to get for free for whom ever wants them just go to a women's clinic and they'll give you a bunch.

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    its not just in black areas that they dont sell them....as far as i know they dont sell them anywhere...but then again, i have never looked..

    if you are going to have sex, you dont want to put in a female condom either cause you cant feel anything so there is not point.. go on the pill

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