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Ladies: Who would you choose?

(This is cross comparison I'm doing for a Human Sexuality class I'm taking involving female preference for men based on either instinct or social conditioning, if you're interested in helping, answer away)!

You walk into a room and amid the people you see two guys.

Guy 1 is decked out in a Gucci suit, model good-looks with tan skin, dark brown eyes, and shoes worth more than a small car and you can clearly see that he's got an eye for fashion and is a smooth talker. He is obviously in good shape and is very toned. He looks calm and in control.

Guy 2 is wearing his worn-out Motocross gear, dusty from riding trails all day, has sun kissed fair skin, shaggy/spiked blonde hair/light blue eyes, and a bright friendly smile. He is a medium build with a lightly muscled framework showing through, not big, not scrawny, just fit. He looks relaxed and alert.

Which guy (1 or 2) did you choose and why (brief 1-2 sentence explanation).

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    guy 2: he is as described..not to muscly but not too scrawny...thats just right. i like a guy that can get down and dirty...guys arent supposed to like designer stuff like gucci and prada..thats just kinda gay/metro. but he is supposed to like stuff like volcom or element. my type of guy is one that is adventerous and gets out into the sun...his hair sounds hot..

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    Neither, sorry.

    I have an aversion to guys hung up on brand names. I think it's a form of showing off. Or is he perhaps homosexual? Why would anyone sensible spend more on shoes than others spend on a car? Is this guy a cocaine dealer? I've met some men who literally were millionaires & very successful, and this is not how they dress.

    I also am not fond of guys who spend an *entire* day on an off-road motorcycle. It says he doesn't have time for a relationship if he spends all his free time on a bike jumping ditches. He probably hangs out with his bike buddies all the time & doesn't relate well to the rest of society.

    Give me a normal, honest, average guy who has a good outlook on life, and I'm there!

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    I would pick guy numer 2.

    Guy number one seems more like he lives in a fantasy land. Like everything he has was given to him. He sounds like the kind of guy that's not in touch with reality and doesn't know what it's like to appreciate hard work. And since he's a smooth talker, he can have whoever he wants whenever he wants and therefore comes across to me as a player.

    Guy number 2 seems like that really nice kid that no one notices. The one that sits in the back of the classroom and hardly says two words throughout the whole year. He's not ugly, he's not mean, he's just reserved.

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    Guy 2:

    Guy 1 is full of him self and to good to be true. And a guy 1 wouldn't be able to put him self out for a girl. Just wants a gf every now and then. And probably way out of my league. Also he probably works to much to spend any time with me. As For guy 2 he looks nice and sounds fun and loving. He 's a Cowboy lol im a country girl. and he just better lol

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    Guy 2 because he seems easy going, laid back and fun loving. Guy 1 is probably just a player and won't be worth it in the end.

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    guy 1

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    i would pick guy 2- he sets off that dangerous tone, and seems more apprachable. and willing to give people chances, judging from the smile he's friendly.guy 1 seems out of my league.and no girl would want to go for someone out of her league. he seems he'll reject most girls and cause low selfesteem. =] hope i helped.

    *and plus i can't resist blue eyes =)*

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    awwhhhy yeah GUY ONE BABY

    because....he's obviously educated, respectable, and wealthy. And gross...Guy 2 spikes his hair. Riding trails just sounds trashy.

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    Guy 2, I'm not really a fan of suits. They scream c*ckiness

  • guy 2 because i mean sure guy one looks hotter but guy two seems to be more relaxed like you said and so i would like someone who can pick one girl not guy one who is going to want to sweet talk other ladies other than me;)♥

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