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nhl 2k9 wii?

so what do you think of nhl 2k9 for wii? im pumped but what do u guys think the controls will look like? i cant wait to find out... incase u guys didnt kno nhl 2k9 was announced for wii and im so pumped

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm absolutly pumped for this! Realistically though, it being the first NHL game on the Wii (and if I'm not mistaken first 2K game on Wii) I don't think the controls will be great this year, but will certainly improve for NHL 2K10.

    I really do hope the controls are at least decent, I've been waiting for an NHL game on the Wii since it's release, I was thinking of buying a 360 cause I couldn't go another year without a NHL game.

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  • beavis
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Why not lease it and verify out it out your self. optimistically 2K activities fastened the trojan horse subject with their video games, in the previous that have been commonplace to freeze in the time of pastime play. i offered NHL 09 for my psthree, might desire to get it in a pair of days, on the grounds that I saved a sprint extra then 10 dollars getting it off of ebay.

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