global citizenship hw help?

i got homework n i dont know how to answer the questions on the crossword thing they've given us so i'll just put down the questions . move from one placew and settle in another (7spaces) {is it migrate???}

2.the breaking down of barriers between countries and the development of stronger links between countries. (13 spaces)

3. (with q10) companies or organisatiions which possess and control the means of production, such as factories, mines, farms and financial organisations, outside their own country.(13spaces)

4.a permit which allows the holder to enter a country for a specified period. (4spaces) { is it visa??? }

6. (with q5) the build up of impurities in the air which are likely to be harmless to plants and animals, including humans, once they reach certain concerntrations. (3spaces & q5 is 9spaces)

7.a member of a state or country who is either native to that country or has become a citizen through naturalisation ( the granting of citizen rights to an individual by the.


the government to an individual by the government. (7spaces)

8. people moving from another place and settling in Australia. (11spaces)

9. a group of people of the same culture who can be identified by their race, language, religion and other cultural characteristics. (6spaces) { is it ethnic ??}.

11. a world in which any individual can talk to any other, anywhere in the world is a global .........? (7spaces)

12.the descendants of the original inhabitants of the area are called the ........ people. (10spaces).

Max points to full answer.


Update 2:

could u answer q1, q8, q9, and i'll giv the max points to u or the nextperson who finishes it.

Update 3:

answers q's ppl and u will get full answers quick thx.

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  • J.S.
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    1. migrate does have that meaning

    2. globalization?

    3. multinational corporation?

    4. yes, visa

    6. air pollution?

    7. citizen

    11. village

    12. indigenous

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