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Can you go upside down or swim with a menstrual cup?

...Or will the contents ...fall back out again?

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    Upside down – Yes

    The blood tends to stay within the cup due to suction and the shape of your vagina, its unlikely the blood would go back up into your cervix. With most menstrual products some blood may linger around or even retrograde, as the blood itself is from your vagina that is not a concern as it won’t do you any harm.

    There was an issue a few years ago when the FDA had a letter claiming that the menstrual cup caused retrograde menstruation (when blood goes backwards into your vagina) and linking this to endometriosis so asking for the menstrual cup to be taken off the market – this letter stunk of competitor rivalry (in other words tampon manufacturers may have had something to do with it in an attempt to stomp on the competition). The letter originated from a theory by a Chinese scientist, it had no basis in fact so this theory was debunked as retrograde menstruation does not cause endometriosis (if it did we would all suffer from the disease) and ironically around that time it was found that dioxin present in tampons at the time actually does cause endometriosis. The FDA approved menstrual cups so if blood comes out when you are upside down is not harmful to you. The menstrual cup support community has a few interesting posts about this -

    Swimming – Yes

    In fact menstrual cups are the best option for swimming because they can be left in safely or up to 12 hours without leaking so no need to keep going out the pool to change and no fear of embarrassing leaking – plus there are no strings from the menstrual cup so nothing shows on the outside, meaning no one would ever know you were on your period. Furthermore menstrual cups do not absorb fluids so they will not absorb water which could risk vaginal infections as dirty or chemically treated water kept within the vagina with nutritious menstrual blood and increased bacterial growth may – instead with a menstrual cup the vagina continues its normal self-cleaning functions. Menstrual cups have been shown to decrease menstrual flow and menstrual cramping in comparison to tampons, so it may be more comfortable for some women to swim with a menstrual cup than a tampon.

    I used to go swimming with tampons, but always felt I had to put shorts on over the top, had no confidence with it, where as when I switched over to a Mooncup five years ago I found I was a lot more confident going swimming - no shorts or constantly cheaking for leaks.

    Source(s): Experience using menstrual cups for 5 years, menstrual activist, study female sexual health, trained gynaecologists.
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    This Site Might Help You.


    Can you go upside down or swim with a menstrual cup?

    ...Or will the contents ...fall back out again?

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    You may go swimming with one in but don t hang upside down with one in. It could go back into your cervix or cause a health problem. I swim with one in and it is perfectly fine. The seal the cup has when you put it in prevents anything from coming out when your swimming so nothing bad happens. :)

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    Can you wear them for swimming?

    "Yes…. some people are concerned they might leak, but I have not heard of anyone having this problem, and it has not happened to me."

    Can you wear them while doing yoga or anything where you go upside down (will the blood flow back up and cause problems)?

    "Yes you can wear them when you would be upside down. If you think about it, its not that much different to when you are laying down. I haven’t heard of any medical advice to say this can be dangerous (unless you have problems with endo), but I have seen a link to a Yoga website that suggests this is not a good idea - though it also says its not a good idea for menstruating women to do certain positions regardless of their chosen method of blood catchment (it was more to do with the energy flow going the wrong way than actual blood flow)."

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    what is a menstrual cup. never heard of this

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    no, your "contents" dont fall back out :)

    its not that loose in there, dont worry.

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