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What type of pre employment drug test is given to get a customer service job at newark airport?

Is it a hair, pee, or saliva test? I have an interview soon, anyone who has went thru this and knows the procedure pls let me know, i am nervous about having to possibly pee in front of someone. Is there usually a physical too?

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    Typically, a pee test is done in privacy. The nurse or whatever you want to call them has you take a cup into a little room with just a toilet. The toilet water is dyed so that you can't scoop it up into the cup. The flusher is located outside the room so that you can't flush it to get clean water. Similarly, there isn't a sink in the room. Thus, you pee in privacy, but can't cheat.

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    Only the military has the gall to assign pee pee monitors who look to see what you are doing. It's such a thankless job...

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