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top ten events in the civil rights?

need a "top ten events list" that documents the most significant events of the civil rights movement. Each event should be accompanied by one or two sentence justification explaining its significance......please help....(no its not homework) but it is pretty important and i have no idea what to do so please help

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    * June 5 - In McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents the Supreme Court rules that a public institution of higher learning could not provide different treatment to a student solely because of their race.

    * June 5 - In Sweatt v. Painter the Supreme Court rules that a separate-but-equal Texas law school was actually unequal, partly in that it isolated the students from the majority of other future lawyers.

    * The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights is created in Washington, DC to promote the enactment and enforcement of effective civil rights legislation and policy.


    * April 23 - High school students in Farmville, Virginia go on strike: the case Davis v. County School Board of Prince Edward County is heard by the Supreme Court in 1954 as part of Brown v. Board of Education.

    * July 26 - The United States Army high command announces it will desegregate the Army.

    * December 24 - Home of NAACP activists Harry and Harriette Moore in Mims, Florida is bombed by KKK group; both die of injuries.


    * January 28 - Briggs v. Elliott: after a District Court orders separate but equal school facilities in South Carolina, the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case as part of Brown v. Board of Education.

    * April 1 - Chancellor Collins J. Seitz finds for the black plaintiffs (Belton v. Gebhart, Belton v. Bulah) and orders the integration of Hockessin elementary and Claymont High School in Delaware based on assessment of "separate but equal" public school facilities required by the Delaware constitution.

    * September 4 Eleven black students attend the first day of school at Claymont High School, Delaware, becoming the first black students in the 17 segregated states to integrate a white public school. The day occurred without incident or notice by the community.

    * September 5 Delaware State Attorney General informs Claymont Superintendent Stahl that the black students will have to go home because the case is being appealed. Stahl, the School Board and the faculty refuse and the students remain. The two Delaware cases are argued before the Warren US Supreme Court by Redding, Greenberg and Marshall and are used as an example of how integration can be achieved peacefully. It was a primary influence in the Brown v. Board case. The students become active in sports, music and theater. The first two black students graduated in June 1954 just one month after the Brown v. Board case.

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