I want to study archeology.How many years of collage do i have to take and what is the paying salery per day.?

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yes you should go for 4 years $49000 a year

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You got the best answer because your awsome DID I SPELL THAT RIGHT.
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  • icabod answered 6 years ago
    To add to the comments, it would also be nice to ask 'where" along with "how much." Most of the field schools I've worked with have been far distant from city lights.

    Working with crews in the national forests, it always seems to be seasonal work, augmenting your pay working with fire crews and impending budget cuts.

    Better to try some summer hire and field schools before you fully commit
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  • selloutxox answered 6 years ago
    im going into college studing anthropology as my major with a joint combo of sociology and arc. as my minors. my goal is to be a forensic anthropoloist, so i have around 8 years of school. depending on how far you want to go with arc., is how much school you need. if you want to get your doctorate it could take up to 10. and, the higer up you go, the more you will get paid. starting you can make around 40,000 a year and with a doctorate you can make up to about 90,000. yet it all depends on who you work for. hope this helped!
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  • Ann answered 3 months ago
    Well guys his name senor_rodriguz would actually be señor Rodriguez, that's a Latin last name, hence (like me) he might have some problems writing in English as it might be his second language, so don't have to be that mean about how he spells, maybe it was hard for him to find out what he really wanted to say and he struggled to ask this in English, but still he tried because perhaps it was the only way he could get an answer to his question.
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  • mister-damus answered 6 years ago
    I agree with 2kool4u - you need to work on your spelling, especially if you want to be taken seriously (even your name seems wrong - I'm assuming it should be "señor Rodriguez"). A field like archaeology demands accuracy (for example, you don't want to confuse Roma with Romanian or Roman, or Slovenia with Slovakia, or Dutch with Deutsch, or Switzerland with Sweden, or "Moors" with "Moops"!!! (seinfeld reference)).

    Although, technically, both "archaeology" and "archeology" are correct. The former is the classical spelling, and the latter is the English-speaking world's stupid attempt at simplification (which actually makes things more confusing, because the Y!A spell checker thinks the former is wrong, whereas the MSWord spell checker does not).
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  • 2kool4u answered 6 years ago
    The first thing you need to do is to learn how to spell. Do you mean archaeology? Collage is something artists do, by mixing together different images. College, on the other hand, is a place people go to after high school. And the word is "salary" not "salery".

    Having got that out of the way, if your main reason for wanting to study archaeology is what it pays, give up and become a stockbroker instead. You will earn much more.

    Finally, professionals like archaeologists are not paid "per day." They are paid a monthly salary.

    Hope this helps :-)
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