How come when i ask about gay rights i get a ton of answers right away?

Just wondering. because i asked last night because i was bored, and i got 20 answers right away. i had posted 2 more questions and only gotten 6 answers. how come gay rights causes such a scene with people? i asked a simple question. "tell me about gay rights, leave out religion" what i dont understand is how so many people get A: offended and B: defensive about it.

sure gay bashers piss me off, but i was bored. i just want to kno whats so special about gay rights, why is it such a big deal? why isnt it just like anything else? why is it so hard for people to just accept other people? im confused. just some food for thought there.

also, i do understand that gay couples do have rights, but not as many as they should have.

love is love no matter the gender. its a feeling, you cant stop love, you cant stop hate. but you can start tolerance.


doesnt matter what section i ask it in, there are still a lot of people that read in the section because they like to bash on gays.

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    I think it's also worth noting that even with people who are generally gay-accepting, "gay" still translates to some extent as "freak show". My suitemates last year were great; had no issue with my digging dudes, but I got back after a first date one night where the guy I saw tried to have sex with me. Yeah, awkward. But my suitemates were all over it, asking how gay sex worked, what the hell, "are you a...heh, you know...a 'girl', or a, y'know, a *guy*?" As if that whole night hadn't been strange and embarrassing enough, they spent two hours interrogating me about it as if they were CIA agents and I was claiming to have seen aliens at Roswell.

    Even if being gay isn't seen as *bad*, it's still often treated as *weird*. After having even accepting straight folks treat you like a carnival exhibit, you tend to get pretty hot on issues like gay rights.

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    I have studied a couple of religions and from what I understand the life of a god is simplest ever a conception from the minds of guys, virtually it's positioned in combination from studies which were handed down via the centuries through phrase of mouth and while those studies had been ultimately written down they had been a minimum of 4 hundred years historical, in the course of that point those studies were distorted, decorated and manipulated for political energy, in no way within the complete historical past of guy has there ever been one tiniest grain of proof that there's a god, I say a god since for the duration of historical past right here were enormous quantities of exceptional gods and each unmarried one was once invented through guy, why is it so effortless so that you can consider within the god that you've got selected to consider in and no longer one of the vital different gods? I will reply that for you, it's since it's the god that your dad and mom instructed you approximately and via this you've grow to be indoctrinated into believing it, technology has defined the query of ways the universe was once shaped and the way existence began and advanced, the clinical conception undoubtedly is a lot more plausible than having an invisible being that we are not able to see, appearing magic to permit us to exist, the notion on your god was once began approximately 2 thousand years in the past through quite often uneducated and impressionable folks that had been simplest too inclined to consider that a god exists and to be instructed that while you die you move to a bigger position gave them piece of brain that existence carried on after dying and that's whatever that all of us could wish to be precise however that is the 21st century and obviously we've ample intelligence to grasp that there's no longer an excellent being controlling the whole lot, the complete inspiration is ludicrous and that's why I am an Atheist however I suspect that despite the fact that you do recollect the entire proof that helps the clinical info, you are going to nonetheless move on believing the parable situated at the phrase of an excessively small quantity of guys and I are expecting that your fine reply will move to any individual that stocks your notion, it continuously does while this type of query is requested since you don`t fairly wish to grasp why we don't percentage your notion, you simply wish help to your determination to select to consider.

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    Most of the answers your getting is right, we do answer because it's our lives and we know that some people like you accept us as we are, but there are a lot that don't. We take the opportunities that present themselves to get the message out there, to teach and answer questions others have so that they understand we're not asking for things that are outlandish. I want to be able to marry so I can put my spouse on my health insurance, I want to be able to claim her as a deduction on my taxes. I want to know no one can take what we worked so hard for all these years if something happens to me. I'm sure you got all this and more, but your question was another opportunity, and though you may know all this someone else may read it that don't. So thanks.

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    Because some people are very defensive over it, they can easily express their views online and will get easily angry if they think someones slating gays.

    On the other end, homophobes have no problem expressing their views online either as theres nothing anyone will do to them.

    Others are seriously interested in gay rights.

    And other people think other people get offended by questions on it and try to protect them, haha its quite strange really.

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    there are a lot of people hanging out in the LGBT section... but try asking a question about how deep to plant your tulips in April, and you'll find very FEW people hang about in the gardening section.

    i understand what you mean about strong opinions. it's really indicative of how clearly one needs to state their question and word it so as not to cause offence OR so as not to have them misunderstand what is being asked. It happens a lot because people word their questions quite poorly sometimes.

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    You're asking it in the LGBT section... what do you expect? People here have strong opinions on the subject, as it pertains directly to them. If you were in the section for gender and women's studies they'd probably be more concerned with equal treatment towards women.

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