i live in ozark,alabama other wise known as krazo,alabam and its really boring here theres nothing to do and our school is ok but we can't do really fun stuff they make u tuck ur shirts in nd u cant even hug a boy or u will get written up do u think this is wrong??? have u ever lived in Ozark??? tell me i would really like to kno

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    1 decade ago
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    When your a teenager it's boring in any town you live in. That is just something you have to go through. However before you know it your will be graduating from school.

    Many times after graduation. People stay on in their own towns. They don't want to leave them. However you really need to move and go to a place that pays well. Do Not Be Afraid to Leave Your Town and Move On For A Better Life Style.

    Here is why it's better to move on in addition to the better life style.

    You have better doctors in towns near big cities. Your health will be taken care of better.

    You will climb the ladder better.

    Many bigger business will pay for your education while you work for them.

    In Alabama put in for your State and Federal Jobs when you are young. even if you start at the lower level. You want to get your foot in the door. Then you can move up the promotion ladder.

    As for now why you are a teenager learn to do things to keep you busy around the house. Read books, build things, do hobbies, etc. Before you know it will be time to move on to a good job.

    Sometimes it's good when school have rules. Just think if they had none? Many kids would wreck their life up when they were young. Good luck to you. Remember try for a government job and you will have job securty all your life. Don't be afraid to move out of the small towns for a better job too.

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    Well you have just described 99% of the small towns in America.

    I just drove thru Ozark 24 hours ago(coming back from the beach).If I were to move (if my company gets southeast Alabama) my choice to move to is Ozark over Dothan or Troy.

    Today rules seem so harsh but you can still hold hands and date.Just that school is not the proper enviroment to do it at.

    Make the frien and after class at the burger joint give him a hug,or unless he is chicken let him give you a hug.

    So don't feel alone there are thousands just like you in this country.

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    1 decade ago

    Where I live ( and NO i have never lived in Ozark) guys are not aloud to hug girls. But we are aloud to not wear our shirts tucked in! That is probally the stupidest rule i have ever heard.

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