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what do you think about yesterday soccer game el salvador vs panama?

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    Panama really disappointed and could easily be knocked off from competition at such an early stage of the World Cup qualifying.

    The rain made the field conditions lousy and none of the two teams really did anything worth mentioning. Panama having its best strikers on the field only managed to score one goal on its only offensive play. El Salvador did not try to do much and they seemed satisfied with only being down one goal.

    When the second half started I would say the field improved somewhere around 35% and still Panama did nothing more than kick long balls and hope for one of the strikers to miraculously score a goal. It did not happen and although Panama won, in my opinion they are very much in deep trouble if they plan on playing like they did yesterday.

    Panama's defense did its job and it should play even better when Baloy comes back. I personally don't like Lucho Moreno and I think his Roman Torres should play his spot with Anthony Torres and Baloy as center backs.

    Gavilan Gomez is an overrated player that does not really contribute much to the team in my opinion. His job is to recuperate balls in the midfield and hand them out. This guy needs to figure out to give more to the team. Luis Henriquez did not do his job and in my opinon is not worthy of being a starter. Juan Ramon Solis is only good for Anaprof games. Rolando Escobar is better than what he showed yesterday but needs to play better if Panama wants to qualify. Juan Perez is a good player, but as he showed yesterday as many other players perhaps they are better off in a zoo, rather than a football field. They always manage to get silly cards because they cannot control their temper. Maybe the girls are watching and that's how they want to show that they are real men. As far as the strikers, I think Tejada, Blas and Garces is the way to go but if nobody structures offensive plays with them there is very little that they can accomplish. I don't know if Blanco is out of shape and that is why he isn't on the team but I think he does a better job than those who played yesterday.

    Penedo had one of his best games and he might of been Panama's best.

    As far as El Salvador, they just came to get a favorable result and they accomplished their objective. I know they are capable of much more and surely they will give their best next week. Panama needs to improve immensely, or otherwise they are out. Their preparation games were far from impressive and yesterday's was even worse.


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    Awesome sport...The Salva...Trucho's didnt wish to lose this sport. There had been a few errors marking avid gamers ended in the USA's 2 targets. This used to be a lovely sport with a raukus crowd. THAT IS HOW FUTBOL SHOULD BE PLAYED. Prediction... USA and EL Salvador representing the CONCACAF within the World Cup.

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    whats to think about it? none of the two are going to make it to the world cup.

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