GMAT preperation in Lebanon?

Im not Lebanese and will probably spend the summer in Lebanon and would like to know if theres any GOOD places in Lebanon that offer GMAT preperation classes?

I mean really good.

I googled it and found amideast, which, I am not impressed with due to a bad experience with them in another country.

I need top level instruction.

Princeston Review is great, but apperantly they dont offer any classes in Lebanon...

So, any recommendations?

Thanks in advance..


Thank you so much for your time and effort Naomi.

Those are GMAT test centers, where the test can be taken. They do not offer classes or tutering. I do appreciate your effot though.

Im not Lebanese or physically in Lebanon to just go and ask around, so any help from locals ( maybe MBA's ) would be appreciated.

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    Beirut, Lebanon Test Center Information

    Test Center: Netcom Systems

    Address: P.O. Box 113-7277

    Cortas Bldg. Ground Floor, Basra St

    Hamra - Facing Hotel Napoleon

    Beirut, 1103-2170


    Telephone: [961] 1-34 34 55/ 60

    Directions: From the AUB main gate take first LEFT and go up the

    street and enter in the 4th RIGHT turn.

    See map at

    To Register Call 01-34 34 55 / 60.

    Zalka - Metn, Lebanon Test Center Information

    Test Center: New Horizons C.L.C. Zalka - Metn

    Address: Autostrade Zalka

    Baaklini Center 3rd Floor

    Zalka - Metn,


    Telephone: [961] 1 893 311

    Directions: Zalka Highway - North side of Beirut - same building as Jack's Pizza & Hokeim Home Appliances Shops.

    I found a site that shows AUB have GMAT, but the date of the site goes back to 2005. But u can always connet the persons mentioned , here's the site:

    Good Luck :)

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