can you give me a lists of ecologists that contributed most on the field of ecology...?

i already search on every site that i know but i can't find them....

if you say wikipedia..? well.... there are many of them and i can't click one by one all the links on them....

if you can help me then its really appreciated...


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    It's a long list, but here are the major players in ecology.

    Foundational concepts:

    Stephen A. Forbes, Henry Chandler Cowles, Frederic E. Clements, H. A. Gleason, Joseph Grinnell, A. J. Nicholson and V. A. Bailey

    Theoretical Advances:

    Frank W. Preston, G. Evelyn Hutchinson, Lamont C. Cole, Robert M. May, Robert H. MacArthur and Eric R. Pianka, Vito Volterra, J. G. Skellam

    Ecological Debate

    Joel G. Kingsolver and Robert T. Paine, A. G. Tansley, G. E. Hutchinson, Nelson G. Hairston, Frederick E. Smith, and Lawrence B. Slobodkin, Paul R. Ehrlich and Peter H. Raven, J. L. Harper, Thomas W. Schoener

    Methodological Advances:

    Lennart von Post, P. H. Leslie, L. C. Birch, C. S. Holling

    Warren P. Porter and David M. Gates, J. Roger Bray and J. T. Curtis, Eugene P. Odum

    Case Studies in Natural Systems:

    J. Davidson and H. G. Andrewartha, John M. Teal, Margaret B. Davis , Alex S. Watt, Robert H. MacArthur, John Langdon Brooks and Stanley I. Dodson

    Experimental Manipulations in Lab and Field Systems:

    H. B. D. Kettlewell (1955), Thomas Park, C. B. Huffaker, Joseph H. Connell, Robert T. Paine, Daniel S. Simberloff and Edward O. Wilson, Gene E. Likens, F. Herbert Bormann, Noye M. Johnson, D. W. Fisher, and Robert S. Pierce

    Source(s): Foundations of ecology : classic papers with commentaries
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    Here is a short list of very influential ecologists:

    R.H. MacArthur - influential during the early years of ecology, major theoretical advances.

    E.O. Wilson - Major theoretical advances and biodiversity conservation.

    D. Janzen - Major advances to tropical ecology and conservation.

    Al Gentry - Major advances to tropical ecology and conservation.

    P.M. Vitousek - Modern global change ecologist.

    D. Tilman - Modern ecologist with major contributions towards ecosystem/biodiversity function.

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    Frederic Edward Clements

    Henry Ford

    Frank Edwin Egler

    Robert E. Horton...these are the only ecologists i know

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