California Child Endangerment Law?

My wife's cousin,her husband and their 12 yrs. old daughter came by saturday night about 8pm and picked up my 12 yrs. old daughter and her grandma to have dinner at this restaurant near our place (about 15 min. drive). Instead of going to that restaurant the adults in the vehicle decided to drive all the way to this Indian casino and have dinner there. After their dinner my daughter asked them that it's time to go home because it was past her bedtime and she can't call me to let me know their whereabouts because all their cellphones didn't have no connections.But my daughter said that the adults didn't wanna go home yet because they wanna stay longer and gamble. So the 2 girls (both 12 yrs old) ended up staying in the vehicle for 3-4 hours(10pm-2am) with no adult with them.Is that consider child endangerment ? Any info will be appreciated..thanks

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    As a child welfare worker in Ca for 40 years, I'd say that this is within the scope of child welfare. Not just because of your daughter, but her cousin. I doubt this is the first time this has happened to the cousen. And what was the grandmother thinking to allow this? She has some responsiblity here . It is not ok to do this and I know people have gotten arrested for leaving kids inside cars while they are gambling. You daughter should have gone to a security person there and asked for help in finding the relatives and explain that they were left in the car. They would have been hustled right out. I would not let my daughter go with them again with out a back up plan in place. Like money for a pay phone, knowing what to do and who to go to. ConnyL.

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    I'd think it was neglectful to leave the kids in the car. And selfish and greedy too.. i hope they lost their A sses at the casino! yeeks.

    In the future, maybe your daughter can avoid going anywhere with these people.

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