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  • 靖儀
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    1 decade ago
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    This also facilitate the implementation of small class teaching, and cultivate high-quality personnel.

    We recommend that each Pang Wednesday and Thursday afternoon met with some candidates.

    This time the selection of effective arrangements for personnel.

    We propose this plan for life as "xxxx", referred to "xxxx".

    Personal marketing will become a major marketing methods.

    The company plans to bring major benefits of two.

    It will bring a positive impact.

    We look forward to a specified period of cloth completed the work.

    We will at the appropriate manpower to handle the arrangements for the work to complete the goal.

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  • Baggio
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    1 decade ago

    This arrangement will facilitate the objective of teaching in small class, which in turn will enhance the quality of training for personnel with high quality.

    We suggest to arrange interview in the afternoon of every Wednesday and Thursday, so that we can efficiently arrange our timing on the selection of qualified applicants.

    We suggest to give a name to this plan as “xxxx”, which in short term “xxxx”.

    Under this plan individual sales will become a major marketing tool. This new plan will bring two significant benefits to the company.

    It will bring positive effect to the company.

    We expect to finish the planning of these works within the designated period.

    We will arrange sufficient manpower to handling all related work in order to fulfill our target.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Like this also facilitates the implementation bottom class in kindergarten teaching, cultivates the high quality the talented person.

    We suggested that each Pang on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon makes an appointment with some registrant.

    This may arrange the time to choose the talented person effectively.

    We suggested that this plan takes the life is “xxxx”, abbreviation “xxxx”.

    Individual marketing can become the main sales promotion method.

    This plan mainly brings 2 advantage for the company.

    It will bring the positive influence for the company.

    We expected assigns the time cloth to complete these work.

    We in the proper arrangements manpower processing related work, will be sure need to achieve the goal.

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